The contented ones are destined to live in heaven

The virtue of contentment: The contented ones are destined to live in heaven

The contented souls are very fortunate to take their rebirth in the royal family in the forthcoming golden age of Satyuga.

The heaven or paradise—the kingdom of God—which is otherwise known as Shivalaya, is established by God Father Shiva and meant for the contented ones who are destined to live in it. Those who are the role models of the virtues of renunciation and contentment here at present will be in the very near future the denizens of paradise, the royal place of plenty and bounties, joy and pleasure, bliss and beatitude, natural beauty and nicety, all perfection and excellence.

The nature, which is full there, will serve them voluntarily for their pleasure and merriment with all sorts of natural songs and music, fruits and flowers of varied beauties and fragrances, being completely at the beck and call of their thoughts and wishes. They will be served there with 56 kinds of menu I all sorts of functions and festivities for their full and utmost satisfaction and fulfilment. They will swing there in the supra-mental and celestial joy in the state of highest elevation and sublimation. In fact, the sole divine prize of Paradise is deservingly made and meant for the contented ones.

The contented souls will take rebirth in the royal family

The contented souls are very fortunate to take their rebirth in the royal family in the forthcoming golden age of Satyuga. Being the natural heir they will inherit the royal thrones of the first Emperor and Empress birth after birth after the expiry of the period of their reign. The subjects will remain pleased with the contented heirs as they will follow their forefathers completely, thereby keeping a fine balance in the rule of love and law.

The divine forces and natural forces will cooperate and coordinate with them during the period of their reign in perfect unison according to the cosmic scheme of the Eternal World Drama (EWD) of life. There will be the reign of peace and happiness throughout the kingdom, and all will live their life in perfect order under the vast canopy of God’s unlimited grace and bliss. Their paths of life will be strewn with flowers; and beautiful fairies in their utmost love and respect will garland them in and out in all occasions of ceremonies, functions and festivities to their fullest mirth and pleasure.

There will be natural safety and security for all without a police force and judicial system of this Kaliyugi world as there will be a complete and natural demonstration and implementation of the professional ethics and etiquette which the deities of the Paradise will have in the already merged sanskars of their pure souls.

There will be complete physical and mental health without the current network of medicals and doctors as all heavenly deities will be perfect with their sound minds in sound bodies. They will have the golden body (KanchanKaya) and their inner souls will always radiate their refined glitter, thereby reflecting it through their gleeful features of face and countenance, and also with their dazzling gaze.

Let the contented souls live their lives forever for 21 births in the span of 2,500 years to their fullest with their voluntarily earned virtue of contentment.




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