treasure of Shakti

Unlock the Shakti within

"An enormous treasure of Shakti lies locked and hidden within us. But we go through life, without ever using it for own betterment." - Dada JP Vaswani

Have you heard the bhajan ‘Sukh Sagar Mein Aa-e-Kay, Mat Jaao Ray Pyasa Pyaray’? It is one of Sadhu Vaswani’s immortal compositions. It is a bhajan that stirs within us an urge for the higher ideals of life. The song awakens the slumbering spirit; a sudden realisation dawns upon us: life is precious! Let us make the most of it. Let us not go back from this ocean of grace without tasting its sweet waters. Let us not go back exhausted. But let us drink the Divine Nectar and be blessed with bliss and peace.

This is the time of spiritual awakening, which puts you on the path of self-growth, the path of sadhana. Walking on this path, you will feel that you are making your life meaningful and worthwhile; you will be happy to walk this path. But, you must know, no path is straight and smooth. It has its share of obstacles, steep gradients, unexpected curves and bends. So too with the path of life. A single trauma can shatter you, and make you feel helpless and ruined. Despair and melancholy constantly seem to wait on you. Troubles and anxieties surround you. At such times, you feel abandoned, your faith becomes vulnerable.

Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani often said to us, “You are not a weakling as some of you imagine yourself to be. In you is a hidden Shakti, an energy that is of Eternity.”

An enormous treasure of Shakti lies locked and hidden within us. But we go through life, without ever unfolding this Shakti, without using it for own betterment. Little do we realise that we have the hidden potential that can transform our lives. There is a powerhouse within us and we live in a state of permanent power failure.




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