7 surefire signs of a healthy relationship

Healthy couples share their joys and sorrows, have mutual respect and admiration, and stand beside each other through thick and thin.

“A healthy relationship is one in which love enriches you; not imprisons you,” says American motivational speaker and author Steve Maraboli. These words hold a lot of meaning. A relationship is marked by the union of two individuals who come together to share a common path. However, when their space and freedom are compromised, these are tell-tale signs that the relationship has turned from enriching to imprisoning.

When two individuals work towards making the best versions of themselves, that means they are committed to building a healthy relationship, which has the potential to last for a lifetime. Healthy couples share their joys and sorrows, have mutual respect and admiration, and stand beside each other through thick and thin. If you are wondering whether or not your relationship is healthy, read on.

You trust each other

Trust is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship. It makes you feel secure and confident. When your relationship is devoid of jealousy, insecurity and control, you feel a sense of freedom that enriches your life. However, in a relationship, trust is not just limited to loyalty. It has a broader spectrum wherein both partners feel comfortable with each other, knowing that they won’t hurt each other. A healthy relationship is comprised of individuals who don’t keep secrets, lie to each other, and worry about their partner indulging in promiscuity when they are spending time apart. When this trust is established, partners won’t feel the need to constantly keep a tab on their significant other.

You make decisions together

Maintaining a relationship is not the responsibility of a single person. Both partners must be equally involved in decision-making. From what car to buy to which holiday destination to visit for a vacation, you should make decisions together after listening to each other’s opinions and interests. A healthy relationship is one where both partners value each other’s ideas and suggestions and work towards arriving at a common point even if they disagree initially. For example, if you want to spend the evening watching a new show on Netflix, discuss which genres you are both interested in. Instead of having disagreements over each other’s viewing preferences, try to search for something that you may both find interesting.

You handle conflicts amicably

Fights and arguments are common in every relationship. However, the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship lies in how you handle those conflicts. Couples who address their issues politely and respectfully, refrain from name-calling and verbal abuse. They don’t judge each other based on their preconceived notions and resolve their conflicts amicably. A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect and kindness even in situations where both partners may not see eye to eye on a subject.

You give space to each other

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that partners should impinge upon each other’s personal freedom. A healthy relationship comprises individuals who give enough space to each other to pursue their personal and professional goals. For example, when your partner comes home tired after work, they may need personal space to relax and unwind before being affectionate or intimate with you. True love is when partners respect each other’s alone time and they know how to maintain healthy boundaries. They find the right balance in supporting each other, while simultaneously giving each other enough space so that neither feel that they can’t express their individuality.

You support each other’s interests

Although a relationship constitutes like-minded people who chose to build a life together, chances are that the individuals involved may have some differing interests and hobbies. For instance, if your partner is a music aficionado who likes to collect records, you can support their interest even if you lack their passion because you understand that it brings them joy and contentment. Moreover, you can even join in during their music listening session and express a genuine interest in enhancing your music knowledge. Couples who support each other’s interests and learn from them can enrich their relationship and see it blossom for years to come.

You communicate lucidly

Lucid communication is the pillar of a healthy relationship. When partners express their thoughts and feelings clearly, there is less room for misunderstandings to creep in and ruin a loving bond. A healthy relationship is one where couples don’t assume things about their partner and communicate directly. Healthy couples communicate their feelings openly and honestly. They express their admiration for each other, highlight their good qualities, and appreciate them for the work they put in to make the relationship a joyous and mutually nurturing journey. They take the time out to talk to each other without external distractions such as smartphones or computers and convey their feelings carefully without imposing themselves.

You accept your partner for who they are

As human beings, we all have our flaws and imperfections. In a relationship, we must take cognisance of this fact and accept our partners for who they are. This, however, doesn’t mean accepting toxic behaviour such as emotional or physical abuse. A healthy relationship is formed when partners consider each other to be equals irrespective of their talents and achievements. They don’t belittle each other based on false ideas of superiority. Healthy couples support and accept each other for who they are, irrespective of their professional designation and personal achievements. They treat each other as equals and respect them for what they do.


What are surefire signs of a healthy relationship?

You trust each other, make decisions together, handle conflicts amicably, give space to each other, support each other’s interests, communicate lucidly, and accept your partner for who they are.

What is the significance of trust in a healthy relationship?

Trust is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. When partners trust each other, they can be vulnerable, communicate openly, and feel secure in their connection.

Why is making decisions together important for a healthy relationship?

Making decisions together promotes collaboration, respect, and equal partnership.

How does handling conflicts amicably contribute to relationship health?

Handling conflicts amicably indicates effective communication and emotional maturity. Resolving disagreements with respect and empathy fosters a positive atmosphere and reinforces a sense of unity.


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