National Compliment Your Mirror Day: Build Self-Confidence

I feel and look oh so good! Compliment yourself to build confidence

Most of us don't realise that we have a powerful way to encourage ourselves: through self-compliments.

In our daily lives, many of us find ourselves dealing with moments of self-doubt. Whether it’s a work presentation, stepping on a college theatre stage or the complexities of everyday life, there are times when we don’t feel confident about our abilities. In these moments, we may assume that success is beyond our reach and doubt whether we have what it takes to achieve our goals. During these tiring times, kind and encouraging words by friends and family can do wonders. But most of us don’t realise that we have a powerful way to encourage ourselves too: through self-compliments.

According to research, self-affirmations can help individuals cope with stress and perform better. Acknowledging our strengths and accomplishments can alter our perspective and push us towards success. They serve as a personal cheerleader, offering encouragement when doubts creep in. National Compliment Your Mirror Day is observed on July 3rd and this day aims to encourage us to pause during our morning routines and take a moment to look in the mirror. It reminds us to acknowledge our inner and outer beauty and stresses on the fact that we all deserve self-appreciation. On this wonderful day, join us as we explore how self-compliments can help in building one’s self confidence and boost one’s mental wellbeing.

Helping deal with stress and anxiety

“One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others,” said Bell Hooks. The quote by Hooks, a beloved American author, highlights the power of self-compliments. It reminds us that while we often long for external validation and support, we have the ability to nurture ourselves from within. Self-compliments are recognised for their positive impact, particularly in reducing stress and anxiety levels. Research indicates that positive self-talk acts as a shield against stress. By focusing on our strength through mirror affirmations, we can manage our daily stress more effectively.

Changing attitude for the better

At times, our life experiences and challenges lead us into a cycle of negative thinking. At those moments, we may doubt our abilities and start believing that we aren’t good enough. However, self-compliments can act as an antidote to this mindset as they  play an important role in shifting this negative perspective. When we consciously affirm our abilities and self-worth, we start cultivating a positive mindset. Over time, practicing self-compliments leads to positive changes in our attitude towards life and helps us overcome challenges with ease.

Regulating emotions well

We all face failures. However, when we face repeated failures, it’s natural to feel disheartened and low. Emotional regulation becomes crucial in these moments. And self-compliments play a key role in this process. By recognising and valuing our strengths and accomplishments, we regain that control over our emotions.

Indeed, self-compliments can build emotional resilience and help us to endure and overcome setbacks and disappointments more effectively. Complimenting ourselves also nurtures in us a positive self-perception and removes feelings of insecurity.

Boosting self-esteem

Ever noticed how parents tell their young children they can achieve what they set out to do, almost like a chant everyday? For things as simple as appearing in school tests or speaking to the teacher or guests, children are pepped to believe that they can do great things. On a similar vein, when we regularly acknowledge our own strengths and build a self confidence, it reinforces a positive self-image.

Look into the mirror and affirm to yourself that you can do it, that you’re fabulous and capable of achieving everything you want—this can work wonders for your self-esteem. Practicing self-affirmation helps cultivate confidence that isn’t dependent on external validation. And self-compliments play a powerful role in boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Healthy impact on self and relationships

When we take the time to appreciate ourselves and boost our confidence through self-affirmation, it doesn’t just benefit us personally—it spills over how we interact with others. When we feel good about ourselves, it shows in how we engage with people. We tend to communicate better and respect others’ perspectives. This positive self-image further helps us assert ourselves confidently—we don’t depend on others to feel good or happy, it comes from within and keeps us rooted.

We see, how including self-compliments in our daily routines can deeply impact how we manage stress, how we behave and interact with others. It boosts our self-esteem and enhances our overall confidence. Embracing self-compliments helps us face life’s challenges with optimism.

So, go ahead, make everyday a Compliment Your Mirror Day!


What are self-compliments?

Self-compliments are positive statements that individuals say to themselves to acknowledge their strengths, achievements and worth.

How can self-compliments benefit me?

Self-compliments can boost your self-esteem, improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance resilience in facing challenges.

How often should I practice self-compliments?

It’s beneficial to practice self-compliments regularly or whenever you need a boost of confidence.

Can anyone benefit from self-compliments?

Yes, self-compliments can benefit anyone who wants to improve their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.




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