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10 Powerful affirmations to boost your motivation and positive thoughts

To be successful in life, you need to practise soothing and encouraging affirmations regularly. Doing so will add a boost of motivation and lead you to positive thoughts that will make you count every blessing you have and live a cheerful life of abundance.

As a professional, you may be phenomenally successful or maybe moderately so. As a parent, you may be loved by your child or simply seen as strict. No matter how you may be perceived as an adult in different spheres of life, one thing is almost certain that as a person – you will always have fond memories of your favourite teacher from your school days. Do you know why? It is because of the gentle yet essential motivation and affirmations they showered on you. The wondrous words like, ‘You can do it’ or ‘Never mind, there is always a next time’ or ‘For every problem, there is a solution, you just need to find it’ from your teacher were powerful affirmations that boosted your positivity as you grew up.

Motivation is the drive and courage that helps you decide which path to follow in your life, and positive thoughts help you to stay on track when faced with stumbling blocks on the way. In fact, powerful affirmations are nothing but good thoughts of success which are essential for any human being to learn and grow in life.

Soulveda has identified 10 commandments for inculcating motivation and positive thoughts – these simple words of wisdom are robust enough to strengthen your belief and make you a better person to lead a happy life.

Powerful affirmation #1 ‘I value myself’

More often than not, you tend to undermine yourself in moments of tough times. You draw your value from the consequences of what has already happened in life or from societal pressure. Doing so impacts your self-esteem. However, the moment you utter the golden words ‘I value myself,’ you are back in the realm of positivity. Try and count all your good deeds and the positivity they bring and you will realize that you are valued. Stepping up in such a manner will make you feel motivated again.

Powerful affirmation #2 ‘I am calm’

There is a general tendency among humans to get overwhelmed with anxious situations even before tackling them. In fact, anxiety can severely impact your physical and mental health as it is well known that the human brain is wired to fight or take flight, triggering panic reactions, causing more damage than necessary.

At such a juncture, one can take help from the sheer positivityof the words – ‘I am calm ’ With this affirmation, you can convince yourself that you have the necessary strength to remain calm under any  unwarranted situation, that you can stay stable without worrying about the adverse consequences, if any.

The power of this good thought not just lifts your morale to challenge the situation but also alleviates your anxiety and stress.

Powerful affirmation #3 ‘I am brave’

One of the most debilitating roadblocks to living life to its greatest potential is fear. When we keep clogging our mind with unforeseen fears, it proves to be a huge dampener on our success and the way ahead.

‘I am brave’ is an affirmation that gives you the immediate courage to face any challenges thrown at you. It puts you in a good place as you deal with the crisis at hand while making you stronger for future storms.

Powerful affirmation #4 ’I choose happiness’ 

As you grow older, the sheer pressure of expectations generates a lot of stress and sometimes causes chemical imbalances in the brain, leading to frequent negative moods. The accumulation of these negative feelings can lead to depression, a mental disorder which is characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in enjoyable activities. This is in stark contrast to the happiness you observe when you see a child play or laugh. ‘I choose happiness’ is an affirmation that helps you pick the healthier option in life, whenever needed. If you choose happiness in any and every situation, you embrace cheer. This affirmation lets you live the way we humans are spiritually intended to.

Powerful affirmation #5 ‘I am in charge of how I feel’

A lot of days bring with them a sense of gloom and unhappiness. Sometimes they are caused by events or happenings and at other times, they are inherent. On such days, we all need to lift ourselves up somehow. The powerful affirmation ‘I am in charge of how I feel’ allows you to overcome these dwindling thoughts  and open you to the world of happiness, bit by bit.

By believing in this thought, you reconnect yourself with your deepest human desire to be happy. This affirmation helps you regain control over your life and its many activities, which consequently generate excitement in your life again.

Powerful affirmation #6  ‘ I accept challenges’

It is natural to fear the negative consequences of any idea or initiative before you even start. Sometimes, you falter in the middle and feel defeated and doubt if you can execute the idea fully. But feeling this way will only make you risk averse. Do remember that failure is the most dreaded thought for any human being. But if you are quick to learn the lessons and improve, it will lead you on a path to success.

Famous physicist best known for his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, once said, ‘Failure is success in progress.’ This statement means that if you fail, you are on your way to achieve success. No matter what, do not give up before the results are in front of you.

Powerful affirmation #7 ‘I am strong’

More often than we’d like to admit, we start believing that our thoughts do not matter to others. A lack of confidence and low energy levels can make us perform poorly and we may end up believing that is who we are.

If you are in a place where no amount of motivation lifts your spirits, try the positive affirmation – ‘I am strong’ to boost your confidence and motivation. This affirmation can get you out of the deepest slumber and put you in the forefront of things. By imagining yourself as a positive contributor, you tend to start feeling great and full of energy.

In fact, this remarkable transformation will make you do more and help you resolve many problems. In the long run, this positive thought can even change certain poor habits you’ve had since long.

Powerful affirmation #8 ‘I am worthy of respect’

Quite a good number of people tend to focus on their mistakes and shortcomings, judging themselves harshly. This blinds them from their own abilities and strengths while making them have a low opinion about themselves. This can cause them to blame others, be defensive and have poor relationship management skills.

‘I am worthy of respect’ is a great affirmation that can enhance your productivity and improve relationships at all levels. The positive connotation of respect in the eyes of the self helps increase the self-worth and confidence to tackle any problem whatsoever.

Powerful affirmation #9 ‘I choose to be hopeful’

Sometimes in life, it is hard to stay positive when the future looks bleak due to a discouraging turn of events. In such moments, it is natural to surround yourself with negative emotions and experience bouts of anger, frustration and sadness. However, if not arrested in time, these emotions can lead to insomnia, high blood pressure and heart ailments, to name a few.

Be better prepared for crises like these – ‘I choose to be hopeful’ is an affirmation that trains your mind to become optimistic by consciously choosing to be hopeful. As hope is a motivation that helps you to persevere till you reach a goal, developing a mindset that attaches itself to hope can help you beat any adversity.

Powerful affirmation #10 ‘I am at peace’ 

Accepting certain situations that are beyond one’s control is one of the greatest traits one can have to move ahead. When we reiterate to ourselves that ‘I am at peace’, we accept the life they way it is.

When you strive for your peace no matter how hard it seems, acceptance comes slowly but naturally to you. You make way forward by going with the flow. This reinforces the belief that you are at peace with all that has occurred and with what may happen in the future.

The above affirmations have the power to boost your motivation and fill you with positive thoughts. They make you better prepared to cope with challenges, solve problems, energize your mind and reduce your stress levels. So try and include these affirmations as an integral part of your daily routine and watch every day become peaceful, happy and great.




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