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Top 5 couple goals: Overcoming challenges and growing together

A relationship can truly be a source of infinite happiness if we learn to overcome challenges and take on life together. Relationship goals are the real deal that make the difference.

What is love, I have always wondered. Is it the feeling of being someone’s special person? Is it having your partner around all the time? Or is it making them feel special? Every relationship has its benefits and challenges, but a partnership of togetherness stands apart from most bonds. If one has a special place in your heart or if you hold a special place in someone’s heart, then it surely feels like heaven. But a coupling works successfully only when both individuals work hard at it; when faced with a bigger challenge, the couple responds with an even bigger resolve to stay put and grow together. Soulveda shares some time-tested couple goals for overcoming challenges and growing together.

Couple Goal #1 Keep the romance alive

Strolling hand in hand with your partner on soft wet sand as the waves kiss your feet, listening to music and having a cosy dinner together, giggling and talking through your eyes in a crowded room. All these situations sound familiar, right? It feels like relationship goals. Indeed, feeling loved and feeling worthy of being loved is a very fulfilling human emotion.

Contrary to popular belief, romance is not just important early on in a relationship, it is crucial throughout life. Like dew drops falling on the green grass every night, romance is something both you and your partner must indulge in each day to relish the freshness of your bond. A surprise dinner, a family picnic, a morning walk or even visiting parents can be a moment to cherish forever, as your romance grows by leaps and bounds. One must keep the love trickling.

Couple Goal #2 Talking is where it starts…

Even in the worst of the times, try and remember that first meeting and those magical first few words. These two things resonate inside you whether you are aware of it or not. That intimate conversation, those awkward moments of opening up helped build this relationship of love, longing and fulfilment. Now, as you progress in life together, personal interests, social pressure or financial goals start taking precedence and you tend to emphasise on what you get rather than what you stopped giving in the relationship. This is when doubts and negativity creep in.

Do not let these cracks widen and destroy a beautiful relationship you built together. A simple but effective solution is to ensure that you keep talking with your partner without fail. Sharing your concerns, emotions and making your partner understand your expectations is only possible if both of you keep conversing. Just remember talking should happen when the time is right for both of you.

You can face any storm in life, surpass any obstacle and overcome any challenge by aiming  for this simple relationship goal. Both of you must make a conscious effort to stay engaged and keep talking. When in doubt, just remind yourself about the journey taken so far and how it all started with simply talking. And how it will last forever also by talking.

Couple Goal #3 Decide your happiness together

When you are happy, you want to share it with someone you feel really connected to. This is a fact of life; just as you need two hands to clap and activate your brain for a healthy life, you need to share happiness.

Happiness, on most days, is a direct result of both partners deciding to stick together to achieve relationship goals. If romance and conversations are not possible without one another, why do you think happiness might come to you alone?

So learn to sit with your partner and arrive at mutually acceptable activities and goals for harmony. Give each other a due share of respect and time. Support and encourage each other’s dreams without being judgemental. Sometimes, even giving your shoulder to lean and cry upon can do miracles. Firmly, have each other’s backs in difficult times. Think things through together and develop mutually agreeable relationship goals and witness a blissful alliance.

Couple Goal #4 Try and be forgiving

It is only human to seek better things in life. It is an earnest desire of each individual but only some are able to express and work towards it.

Experts agree that unspoken expectations are probably the deepest and most significant of the wants and needs of any individual. So resolving them has to be the most challenging of all relationship goals. If not resolved in time, these needs and wants tend to leave one partner frustrated all the time while leaving the other with remorse.

Make an honest attempt to fulfil all possible expectations, but if you are unable to do so, accept the reality with an open heart. Despite being the most understanding, disagreements are bound to come up at times. Have a big heart and learn to let go. To you, it might sound unreal or unfair at first but doing so will prove to be quintessential for a healthy romantic relationship.

Overcoming challenges by adopting and practising forgiveness will make both partners flexible and help resolve any issue before it becomes the last straw.

Couple Goal # 5 Accord top priority to your relationship

The most fundamental of all couple goals is to give utmost attention to your relationship. Place your partnership at the most sacred centre of your heart and keep pumping out fresh, oxygenated blood for your relationship to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Never allow your mind to dither, stray or treat your love as a mundane part of your life.

Make ‘every day is a fresh start’ a prime relationship goal, and watch how excitement brims in your heart and positivity swirls in your mind. A personal favourite saying when it comes to relationship goals is, “You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.” Well, if we all can do a little bit of this everyday of our lives, our journeys will be a thing of beauty.




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