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how to become more productive

Working from home during COVID-19? Here’s how you can be productive

In the wake of the global pandemic, the importance of managing your time well has increased manifold, with household chores and personal responsibilities taking your time as well. There are more distractions than ever, and instead of a desk, you have couches or kitchen tables to work from. For millions of people who are not used to working from home, the transition can be stressful, and at times, infuriating too.

So how do you perfect your time management skill, when work, deadlines, essential errands, family, unwinding, all require equal attention? Through discipline and conscious efforts, you can master the art of time management and boost your productivity to finish more in less time.

Make a time table

There is a reason why we had time tables at school—they helped us dedicate equal amounts of time and attention to each activity. The same way time tables can help you organise your schedule efficiently and increase your productivity without making you feel exhausted or stressed at the end of the day. Prioritise your tasks based on their urgency and how much time they take. With dedicated time slots for each assignment, your focus will remain sharp and attention undivided.

Get enough sleep

When you make your time table, don’t forget to add sleep. Studies prove, those who get their full 8 hours of sleep at night, perform better at work than others. After all, it allows your mind to unwind and rejuvenate after a long and tiring day. Sleep is vital to perform well at any task you undertake. It lifts your mood, energises your body, helps you focus, and enhances your memory. Since a well-rested body directly contributes to your performance throughout the day, sleeping is the best way to increase your productivity.

managing time effectively

Sleep is vital to perform well at any task you undertake.

Instill positive habits

Positive habits are important, but do we take the necessary measures to make them a part of our lives? If being productive is your goal, cultivating a positive habit is your map to reach that goal. Sleeping on time, waking up early, eating healthy meals, exercising—they are the keystones to remain productive everyday. Take conscious efforts to cultivate these habits. Many celebrated entrepreneurs credit their success to good habits like these that stayed with them.

Use technology to stay on track

While social media is infamous for creating distractions, there are apps, alarms, and calendars that improve productivity too. Reminders for not missing anything, easy to create and manage task list, apps to help you sleep and mediate—there is a tool for everything. There are collaboration tools as well that can cut your time spent on communication and sharing details with your colleagues into half.

Make a to-do list each day

View your week and month comprehensively and make a to-do list for each day. It will keep you on track and help you focus more on what is important. When you strike off tasks from the list, it will give you an instant boost and confidence to do more. Little doses of motivation like these are needed, especially when you’re working remotely from the comfort of your home.

how to become more productive

A to-do list will keep you on track and help you focus more on what is important.

Declutter and organise

A research conducted by neuroscientists at Princeton University reveals that clutter negatively impacts your focus and ability to process and register information. A clean, organised workspace on the other hand makes you more efficient and attentive. When you declutter and organise your working space or home, you declutter your mind as well. An organised house, kitchen, or work desk will have lesser distractions and a sense of calmness to help be productive.

Learn to say no, to yourself and others

Don’t let anyone interrupt the plan you have created for yourself. Learn to say no to friends and family members interrupting you when you are working—unless there is an emergency. More importantly, learn to say no to yourself when distractions begin to weave their magic on you. Stick to the plan, and save your time and energy for the tasks at hand.

Cancel out the noise

Working from home becomes quite difficult when you have noises coming from all around. Your productivity takes a hit when your family members are gossiping or television is blaring from the other room. To cancel out the noise, use noise-canceling headphones or play soft music—the sound of rain, wind, or crashing waves. A study published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America reveals that “natural” sounds can lift your mood and get more done in less time.

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