World Music Day: Heal your mind and body with music

Music can influence our emotions, give voice to our innermost thoughts and bring us together in harmony.

Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it

No one wants to be defeated

Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right..

There’s something truly magical about this song that makes me want to dance and sing along—it’s a tune that carries me back in time. Magic comes alive every time I hear Michael Jackson’s hit number “Beat It.”

As the iconic guitar riff kicks in and MJ’s voice fills the air, I’m instantly transported to my childhood, where the simple act of hearing this song could turn any gloomy day into a dance-filled celebration. In fact, unknowingly, a wide grin finds its place on my face when the song plays. It’s truly a reminder that music possesses a unique power—one that can heal and uplift our moods. On this World Music Day, join us as we explore the power of music and how it can heal our state of mind.

A journey through time

We all have that one song that instantly transports us to another time and place. Music has an incredible ability to act as a memory catalyst. Just like how Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” takes me back to my childhood, there are innumerable songs that can do this kind of sorcery to many amidst us. Particular songs can even evoke emotions and vivid recollections of specific moments.

This emotional time travel can be a source of comfort and healing for some. Whether it’s a childhood dance party or a moment with a loved one, music can rekindle cherished memories and infuse our lives with a sense of nostalgia.

Music’s impact on mood

Have you ever noticed how listening to a slow, melodic tune can make you calm, while an upbeat rhythm can make your feet tap uncontrollably? Music has the power to influence our emotions. It can soothe a restless mind, alleviate stress and lift our spirits.

When we’re feeling down, listening to the right song can be a lifeline. It can pull us out of despair and guide us towards brighter horizons. Whether it’s the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar or the catchy beats of a dance track, music has the power to change our mood and improve our mental state, almost instantly!

Finding solace in song

Have you ever experienced the lyrics of a song mirroring your own emotions and struggles? Well, you are not alone in experiencing this magic. Music often provides a sense of understanding and solidarity to humans.

When we listen to a song that captures our thoughts and feelings, it’s as if someone else understands us, even if they’re worlds apart. These shared emotions can offer a sense of solace and healing, reminding us that we’re not alone in our experiences. Whether it’s a breakup or the triumph of overcoming a hard challenge, music has a way of expressing what’s in our hearts.

Connecting beyond boundaries

The popularity of Korean pop songs in our era makes one thing abundantly clear – music is a language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Music truly connects people on a deeper level, fostering empathy and understanding where language and diplomacy fail. In a world often divided by differences, music has the power to unite us. Whether we are at a concert or simply listening to a song with someone from a different background than ours, the shared experience of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity and joy.

What cant music do, really? Music conducts our memories, influences our emotions, gives voice to our innermost thoughts and brings us together in harmony. So, the next time you find yourself in need of healing, turn to music. Let it transport you through time and soothe your soul. In the embrace of a favourite song, you may discover solace and inspiration.


Does music have the power to heal our state of mind?

Music possesses the power to heal our state of mind through its ability to influence emotions, evoke memories and provide a sense of comfort and solace.

Can listening to music reduce stress and anxiety?

Yes, research has shown that listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Certain types of music, such as classical or calming melodies, have a soothing effect on the mind.

Is there a specific genre or type of music that is more effective for healing purposes?

The effectiveness of music for healing varies from person to person. Different genres and types of music can have different effects on individuals.

Can playing a musical instrument have the same healing effect as listening to music?

Playing a musical instrument can have a similar healing effect as listening to music. Engaging in creating music can be a form of self-expression and can positively impact one’s state of mind.

Are there any specific techniques or practices for harnessing the healing power of music?

To harness the healing power of music effectively, one must create personalised playlists that cater to their current emotional needs. Additionally, engaging in activities like music therapy or simply setting aside dedicated time for music listening can enhance its healing benefits.




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