From Corporate Life to Farming: A Journey of Friendship and Renewal

A fresh start: Friends like family are a treasure indeed

Tired of her corporate job and seeking meaning in her life, Amrita decided to try her hand at farming. But with no one to guide or help her, she was truly alone. Soon, she felt like she’d made a huge mistake.

Amrita had always been a city girl, thriving in the hustle and bustle of urban life. However, a sudden change of heart had occurred and a deep-seated desire for change led her back to her hometown in Mangalore. One fine day, with all her belongings in just three bags, she reached her ancestral home that stood amidst a serene coconut grove.

Tired of her corporate job and seeking meaning in her life, Amrita decided to try her hand at farming, something her family had lost with her grandfather. But with no immediate family to guide her, Amrita felt the burden of the uphill task. Her extended relatives who lived nearby refused to help her thinking she was going through a fad. She bought a few farm essentials, determined to make it work, but as months passed, she lost the will to continue and completely broke down.

One fateful day, as Amrita stood by her gate contemplating her next move, cursing herself for letting go of her corporate job and wondering if this was all a big mistake, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her friends approaching with bags in their hands.

“Surprise, Amrita!” exclaimed Priya, dragging her suitcase and a bag filled with paintbrushes and paint cans.

“I thought we could use some colour around here,” added Samar with a wink.

Amrita’s eyes filled with tears as they all hugged her together. All of them ended up crying as the depth of her struggles washed over them. That evening, her friends presented her with a new plan.

“You know, this place has so much potential,” said Tina, looking around the old house. “What if we renovate it and turn it into a lovely cosy home for travellers to stay in?”

“Exactly!” agreed Anika. “We can all pitch in, work together and make it a success!”

Amrita hesitated, thinking about the financial limitations. Priya quickly responded, “Don’t worry about the finances, Amrita. We’ve got it covered. This is our way of being there when you need us.”

“But please know that we will be staying in this place as and when we please and will be enjoying the free meals too,” added Tina and they all laughed.

Over the next few weeks, the house buzzed with activity. Her friends worked tirelessly, painting walls, refurbishing furniture and turning the old house into a cosy homestay. Amidst work, they shared laughter, memories and these moments of bonding strengthened their friendship further. As Amrita’s buddies bid farewell to her three weeks later, they left behind a beautifully renovated home ready to welcome guests.

A few days after they left, Amrita’s phone rang and someone said on the other side, “Hello, we would love to book your homestay for two weeks, is it available?”

Amrita managed to stutter a yes. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she thanked god for blessing her with such wonderful friends. She realised that sometimes family isn’t defined by blood but by the bonds we create with those who stand by us in our darkest moments.




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