A chance worth giving

A chance worth giving

All she wanted was a little break from work. By the time she reached home, her body was burning up with fever.

Anna was neck-deep in work. Last week’s resource allocation meeting didn’t go as well as she had anticipated. She couldn’t recruit the team she wanted for the current project. And now she was stuck with a group of freshers with little to no experience.

Anna took on the lion’s share of the work. She didn’t want to hand over any critical tasks to the newbies. But, as the deadline drew closer, she grew anxious. “How will I get this done single-handedly?” she panicked. The stress was getting to her, the headaches the palpitation, the works.

All she wanted was a little break from work. By the time she reached home, her body was burning up with fever. Anna popped a pill and went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she was behind schedule. Exhausted, she could simply not get herself out of bed.

Ray, knocked at the door. “Good morning, mom!” said the 10-year old with a big smile.  

“Hi, baby,” Anna muttered under her breath.

“Are you not feeling well?” Ray asked.

“I am just a little tired,” Anna replied.

“You look sick, mom. Wait! I know exactly what you need to feel better. I will be back,” Ray said.

“Hey…,” Anna tried to stop him but Ray was already gone. She didn’t have the strength to get up and see what he was up to. She lay there for a while and eventually fell asleep.

The door creaked as Ray pushed it open. Anna woke up startled. Ray stood there, looking at her with a watchful gaze. “Mom, do you think you can come to the kitchen with me?” he asked.

“What have you been up to? I hope you didn’t go into the kitchen all alone,” Anna was sceptical.

“Please come, mom! I promise you will feel better,” Ray said convincingly.

Anna mustered the strength to pull herself out of bed and walked to the kitchen with her son.

“Were you cooking? I’ve told you so many times to stay away from the kitchen. You are only 10. What if you get burnt?” Anna was dead worried. She couldn’t believe Ray would do such a thing without prior experience.

“Don’t worry, mom. I had called grandma and she was able to help me. I made your favourite soup,” Ray responded smilingly.

Anna was surprised. But she overcame her reluctance and started eating the soup.

“This is very tasty. I am so proud of you!” she said as she hugged her little boy. “Thanks, mom. After all, how I will learn something if I never try doing it?” he said confidently.

Ray’s words were revelatory. Anna realised her mistake—both with her son and her colleagues. She called up her team and guided them through the rest of the project. She told them emphatically: Let’s ace it together, guys!


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