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be the change

Be the change you wish to see

The tap was running. The tub was filled with all the hues – purples, pinks and blues. Pavan was gently scrubbing the stray dog he had named Theo. He had rescued Theo the previous night from Holi pranks.

As he towelled the dog dry, he recalled the state he found the terrified mutt in. Theo was in a ditch, shivering and whimpering, smeared in Holi colours. Pavan knew he couldn’t leave him in that state. So, he carried him home in his arms, fed him and cleaned him up.

A bark from Theo snapped him back to the present. The street was a riot of colours. The Holi festivities were still on. Pavan felt saddened at the thought of many more animals suffering on the streets, falling prey to people’s ignorance. Why did people engage in such preposterous ways? Holi is a celebration of colours and merriment. But celebration and fun cannot be irresponsible. His thoughts were leading him to something. If he wished to change this, he knew he had to do something and start somewhere.

Pavan immediately called up a few friends. They agreed to get together the next day to make a plan to create awareness and sensitisation about animals.

As he walked into the house and saw Theo wagging his tail, he realised a deeper truth. Change didn’t need to start big. It could start small with the voices of a few who had the will and the determination to do something.


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