Dinner for one

That night, as John went to receive a package, he noticed it was heavier than usual.

It was almost 3 in the morning. The dull roar of the motorbike woke up John from his fitful sleep. Groggy-eyed, he got up and wheeled open the embellished, iron gate. Golf Green Heights, gleamed the neon board.

John carried out the role of a security guard with the pride of a general guarding his army. Nothing could dull his daily excitement to put on the uniform. Not even glances of disdain and indifference from the residents could dilute his commitment to the job.

Every evening, John signed the delivery of food packages for the residents. Delicious aromas from the city’s best restaurants stirred up his hunger every time he lined them up on the counter. His modest meals of bread or boiled rice didn’t help either. How much he craved just one elaborate meal! Alas, luxury wasn’t part of his destiny, he consoled himself every so often.

That night, as John went to receive yet another package, he noticed it was heavier than usual. He noted the apartment number, and made a call to the resident, “Sir, there is a dinner package for you at the concierge.”

A man not more than 30, answered in a gentle tone, “Thank you for letting me know, John”. “The package is for you. I wasn’t quite sure what you’d like, so I ordered all my favourites.

John was choked with emotion, “I don’t know what to say. Thank you for thinking of me.”

The young man smiled, “We all deserve a delicious, hot meal and people to think about us. Thank you for staying up night after night to keep the building safe. This is a small token of appreciation. Enjoy your dinner!”


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