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To return a favour

It was a chilly evening. A frail-looking old man stood in the middle of a busy pedestrian walkway, lost. A sea of people walked past him. But none, except one, noticed him.

“Excuse me, sir are you okay?” Tom, a young man in his early 20s enquired.

“I came to the park for a walk. Now, I can’t seem to find my way back home. These streets, they all look similar,” the old man replied with a wry smile.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’m Tom, and I live in the vicinity. I can help you,” Tom reassured him.

“Thank you, young man. I’m Joe, am new to the neighborhood. I’m staying with my daughter on Pine Street,” the old man told him.

“That’s great! I‘m headed that way, I can drop you there,” Tom offered. “But before that, I need to get myself a coffee,” he said, escorting Joe into a café.

While placing the order, Tom noticed Joe was shivering. He asked him to sit in the nearby table and got him a coffee. Over a cup of coffee, the duo got acquainted with each other. Tom told him that he was job hunting, and had an interview with VWX.Inc that afternoon.

“I hope I’ll get the job. To be part of this organisation would be a dream come true,” said Tom.

“I am sure you will. You seem like a bright chap. I wish you all the luck in the world, son. Hope all your dreams come true,” the old man said. They, then, stepped out of the café and walked towards Pine Street.

Upon reaching home, Joe found his daughter and son-in-law worried, standing on the porch. “Thank God, you’re home. We were worried about you,” his daughter said coming forward.

“Thanks to Tom. I am fine,” the old man chuckled and narrated the whole episode.

“You’re a good man, Tom,” the daughter said, thanking him profusely.

“Just let us know if there is anything we can do to return the favour,” she said.

“There’s something we can do to repay his kindness,” the old man said. “This intelligent young man is looking for a job. Is there any way we can help?” he asked his daughter.

“Of course!” she replied smiling, fishing into her handbag.

“Tom, here’s my card. Why don’t you email me sometime this week?”

“Yes, I will! Thank you,” was all Tom could mutter.

When he glanced at the business card, he was in for a bigger surprise. The card read:

Stephanie Hart

President VWX.Inc


123— 456 —7890


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