Tips to Maintain a Balance in Life

A farmer by day, a writer by night: Enjoying the best of both worlds

In the lush green valleys of Coorg, a small town nestled in the Western Ghats of India, there lived a recluse, shy introvert woman called Sati. She was a farmer, but not just any ordinary farmer. She was a farmer by day who turned to her laptop to become a writer by evening.

Most of us pack our bags and head to the city for a good job but secretly crave some solitude and time with nature. But Sati didn’t have to compromise. She had inherited her family’s coffee estate in Southern India’s Coorg and was fiercely dedicated to cultivating the finest beans in the region. Sati was known for her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Every day, she would wake up before the sun rose and make her way to the fields, her heart filled with the promise of a new day. She would walk among the rows of coffee plants, her eyes scanning for any signs of distress. Her fingers would caress the leaves and she would whisper words of encouragement, urging the plants to grow strong and tall. She tended to her beautiful coffee estate, ensuring that every bean was nurtured to perfection.

However, by the time the sun set, she sat down at her desk and let her creative juices flow, weaving tales of life on the farm and the joys of coffee farming on her laptop.

Sati’s life was a delicate balance between the demands of the land and the creative energy of her writing. She found solace in both worlds, and they complemented each other perfectly. But as she soon discovered, balancing two careers took a lot of work. As she faced unexpected challenges and struggles, she had to learn to navigate the complexities of her dual identity and find a way to make it all work.

A big reason for her wanting to make it work was the fact that she was always drawn to the written word. As a child, she had devoured every book she got her hands on. Steadily, she cherished a dream of becoming a writer. But her family’s coffee farm had been her priority, and she had taken up the mantle of coffee farming with equal passion.

As she grew older, she realised she didn’t have to choose between her two passions. She could do both. And so, she began to write about her life on the farm – the early morning mist, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the hum of the bees in the flowering bushes. Her stories were a beautiful blend of her two worlds.

Her writing found readers on the internet from all walks of life. But for Sati, the most rewarding part of her writing was the way it helped her connect with her own farm. She would often sit on her porch with her laptop, taking in the sights and sounds around her and letting them inspire her writing. Her stories allowed her to appreciate the beauty of her surroundings even more deeply.

Through her writing, she found a way to express her love for coffee farming and then share that love with others. And in doing so, she found a way to balance her two passions, enjoying the best of both worlds.




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