A Republic Day Surprise: Miles Apart, Hearts Connected

Tradition rekindled: a Republic Day reunion

For the past 26 years, watching the Republic Day parade on TV had been a cherished family tradition for Siddhi. But this year was different.

Siddhi was an early riser who enjoyed starting her day with a serene, leisurely walk. She took in the fresh air, relishing the calm before the busy day began. As she sat for a lovely breakfast with the aroma of her freshly brewed coffee filling the air, Siddhi couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement—today was Republic Day, her favourite holiday of the year.

For the past 26 years, watching the Republic Day parade on TV had been a cherished family tradition. But this year was different. Siddhi had recently shifted to Bangalore to pursue her career. As she settled in front of the TV, eagerly awaiting the parade, a longing for her family crept in.

Siddhi strolled down memory lane, her parents’ voices echoing in her mind as she watched the vibrant Republic Day parade.

She remembered her father exclaiming, more than once, “How impressively our armed forces march!”

“Look at those floats! So colourful! Wish I could be on them! ” Siddhi’s sister would say almost every year.

And her mother’s excitement when the cultural performances started was too sweet to miss. She loved the diversity India showcased, Siddhi reminisced, eyes glued to the screen.

Suddenly, a knock interrupted her thoughts and Siddhi hurried to the door. To her surprise and joy, her family stood there, holding the Indian flag and wearing broad smiles.

“Happy Republic Day, Siddhi!” her father exclaimed, his eyes twinkling with joy. “We couldn’t miss this for anything.”

Their surprise visit left Siddhi speechless—her family had travelled a hundred miles to watch the parade together. Overwhelmed, Siddhi welcomed them into her new home. Their presence filled the house with laughter, warmth and a sense of togetherness.

Siddhi realised that despite the miles that separated them, their hearts remained connected through the spirit of the Republic Day celebrations, making it a day she would treasure forever.




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