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Never Give Up

To give in is a choice, to give up is not an option

Mohit did not believe in the old adage Never give up. Primarily because he never had to apply it to his own fairytale life­—a life sans struggle and hardships. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Mohit just had to ask, if he ever wanted anything over and above all he was endowed with, and his parents ensured he had it. Being their only child, his parents raised him like a prince. Unfortunately, he grew up to be an arrogant, entitled one, who considered himself above everyone in his life.

As time went by, Mohit only grew more arrogant, with little interest in academics. Needless to say, he failed in high school, but that didn’t bother him at all. All his father said was “never give up, son,” and continued to indulge Mohit.

Mohit continued to take things for granted as he knew there was no fault in his stars; his parents were there to solve all his problems if there ever was any.

With great difficulty, he just about managed to complete high school. For his parents, it was a dream come true. They were so proud and overjoyed that they bought their son a sports car.

In college, Mohit became infamous for his spoilt behaviour. He flaunted his wealth and entitlements to his friends and professors alike. All he acquired in college was people’s utter contempt for him, including that of the girl he loved.

Two days after they had left, a drunk and disoriented Mohit received a call from an unknown number.

It was the first time in life that Mohit couldn’t have what he desired—someone’s love. Dejected, he sought refuge in alcohol and drugs. As his financial demands gradually became unreasonable, his parents grew anxious. Mohit failed college and declared he didn’t wish to study any further. His parents found out from friends that Mohit had become an addict and was distraught.

For the first time, they had no solution for their son’s problem. Not knowing how to resolve the situation, they decided to go on a pilgrimage to seek divine intervention. Fate, however, had different plans.

Two days after they had left, a drunk and disoriented Mohit received a call from an unknown number. “We are sorry to inform you that your parents passed away in a car accident earlier today,” said the caller, who identified himself as the duty officer from the local police department. It took a few days for the news to sink into Mohit. By then, some lawyers came home to apprise Mohit that his father had left him neck-deep in debt. “But your father’s well-wishers have agreed to wipe out his debts out of goodwill. It also means you are left with no money at all, Mohit,” said the lawyer.

When everything was taken away from him, Mohit finally realised what hardship meant and the importance of love, family, and life. He turned over a new leaf—came out clean from a rehabilitation centre with a fresh determination to rebuild his life.  When he received his first salary, Mohit felt elated. He was smiling through incessant tears. Holding his paycheck in his hands, Mohit looked up skywards. “Thank you for the advice dad,” he said, “I will never give up.”


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