when dreams become reality

When dreams become reality

John is a writer, but he doesn't know what to write. Then he sees a dream that changes everything.

John had been working hard on a story, but he was stuck. For weeks that felt like months, he spent his days staring at his computer screen, unable to write a single word. He needed inspiration, but he didn’t know where to look for it.

One afternoon, he decided to go to a park and sit in silence. As he closed his eyes and let his thoughts wander, he felt a sensation. A small puppy was licking his right foot. He looked around hoping to see someone rushing for the puppy, but there was no one.

John picked up the pup and found himself smiling with affection. The cute little fur-ball was wagging its tail too and seemed to be smiling back. It had been days since he thought about something other than his book, and it felt good. In his heart, he knew what he had to do next—take the pup home.

The next moment, John woke up. When he realised it was just a dream, he was sad and annoyed. He wanted it to be true so badly. But one good thing that came out of this dream was that he now knew what he had to write—a story where dreams become reality.

John couldn’t wait to gack back home and start writing the story. But first, he had to make a stop at a dog shelter.


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