dream relationship

All it takes is a little adjustment

Moving past the idea of a dream relationship, Dev and Tanya found something more fulfilling.

How did we end up here? Curled up in bed, Tanya couldn’t help but think of her crumbling relationship. Crying herself to sleep had become a routine for Tanya.

Dev wasn’t any better. He spent his sleepless nights sitting on the balcony, staring at the night sky.

When a lockdown was announced in the city, it didn’t take Tanya and Dev too long to decide to move in together. It was the obvious move. They loved and cared for each other. It felt like the only upside to an otherwise difficult situation.

The first few days were like a dream. Dev adored Tanya’s little notes which she used to leave for him every morning. Meanwhile, Tanya couldn’t stop gushing over the morning coffees she never knew Dev could brew so well.

But the bliss was short-lived.

Familiarity breeds contempt and they both were slowly realising it.

Missing the normalcy of life and the freedom of movement, frustration began to consume them. The adorable habits and sweet gestures turned sour and irritating. Familiarity breeds contempt and they both were slowly realising it. Soon, words that can’t be taken back were thrown blindly.

Please clean the kitchen after you are done. I don’t live to serve you.

Can you not do your yoga without that annoying music?

You need to move from the couch sometimes. I’m not your maid.

How annoying can you be? I can’t imagine living with you.

Storming into different rooms each night gave them the time and space to clear their heads. It was then they figured that their inability to handle the circumstances was affecting their relationship. Living under lockdown made them feel trapped in their house and in the relationship. All they needed was a little adjustment—of attitude, of perspective, of expectations from each other and themselves.

Initiating a conversation that night, Dev made a list of issues Tanya had with him and promised to work on them. And so did Tanya.

In a couple of days, their frustration started to ebb. Dev found chores therapeutic, a real stress buster. And Tanya discovered using earphones during yoga helped her focus better. Gradually, every complaint was consciously dealt with.

A little adjustment here and a little compromise there was all it took. Their efforts paid off. Moving past the idea of a dream relationship, they found something more. A real relationship they could learn from and grow, together. Isn’t that what a real relationship is all about anyway?


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