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Healing touch in the practice of silence

All physical, mental and intellectual effort uses up energy. To make good from this loss, we require repose. Even as night follows day, rest and relaxation must follow stress and effort. Of course, restful sleep at night is vital for our well-being. But apart from this, I recommend strongly, the practice of silence during the day.

Silence is relaxation for the mind, even as rest is relaxation for the body. It should be our earnest effort, at least once a day, to escape from the stress, strain, tension and turmoil of life, and practice absolute silence. We can easily give up mindless activities like watching TV or gossiping with friends, to devote to the practice of silence.


Silence helps us commune with the inner self, silence enables us to discipline our petty, calculating intellect.

We must remember that silence is two-fold. There is the outer silence; it is absence of noise, freedom from the shouts and tumults of daily life. And there is interior silence; it is freedom from the clamour of desires, the cessation of mental acrobatics, the stilling of the play of conflicting forces. It is the peace that passeth, surpasseth understanding. Not until we have reached this peace, can we hope to experience unbroken joy and harmony for which our distracted hearts, minds and souls cry out constantly.

Silence helps us commune with the inner self, silence enables us to discipline our petty, calculating intellect. Silence takes us close to God. In silence, we can feel our prayers reach him and in perfectly held silence we may even hear his answers to our prayer!

Silence heals, silence soothes, silence comforts, silence purifies, silence revitalises us. In this world of allurements and entanglements, the sharp arrow of desire, craving, animal appetite, of passion and pride, of ignorance, hatred and greed, wound our souls again and again. Our souls bear the scars of many wounds. Silence is the great healer that can heal these wounds.

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