Divine flame

Divine flame

Sadhu TL Vaswani talks about on the flames of desires, the flames of prana (breath), and the flames of the atman (spirit).

The divine flame: What is it? We name it love!

There is the flame of desires—the flame of kama (passion), krodha (anger) and ahankara (egoism). This flame is burning in modern countries and is a source of unrest. This flame must be extinguished. This is the flame of the lower mind. This must be tended and trained. Untrained, this flame separates man from man, nation from nation, and stirs up hate and wars.

Then, there is the flame of prana (breath). Keep it in control, and the pranic currents will vitalise the physical body and give it health and strength. But if the prana-flame is not held under restraint, the physical body is consumed.

Finally, there is the flame of the atman (spirit). It is the flame divine. This inner flame is stimulated by mantras (sacred vibrations), sankirtan (congregational singing), and meditation.

Then your heart trembles: and as a flame is reflected in a drop of water, so is the divine flame reflected in your heart. God’s love trembles in your heart: with it you do arati to him: you offer him his own!

Sordid desires, ambitions, egoism, self are all asatya (the unreal). Let your heart be rid of asatya so that the divine flame may be reflected in it.


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