possibility of unlimited consciousness

New dimensions and time: The chain of consciousness

Sri M elaborates on the workings of the mind, and says that a state of unlimited consciousness can be achieved when the mind is calm and free of thought.

What can or what should I do to open my mind or how do I overcome the limitations of my own thinking?

Now, first of all, to overcome the limitations of one’s thinking, one has to first completely realise the limitations of thought. Now for that, the mind has to open up to the understanding, one has to open the ego, which is usually quite solid, which refuses to believe that it has any limitations and, looking carefully and observing, realise that actually the mind is quite conditioned. To realise, in clear terms, how the mind is conditioned, how the mind is limited, how all the experiences it has are based on the limited inputs from the imperfect sensory organs.

Once, that is realised, then one begins to figure out that it’s possible for the unlimited to come into being, not by overcoming the limitations of one’s thinking, but by understanding the limitations of one’s thinking process itself, as a whole and therefore, beginning to find ways and means by which the thought process itself can become quiet, can be settled down. When the thought process settles down, and when its own limitations are understood, the mind becomes still and quiet. Then perhaps, there is the possibility of unlimited consciousness coming into being, which transcends the ordinary mind and is the source of all thought.

To begin with, one spends short periods of time reflecting on these matters, sitting quietly, watching the mind, watching thoughts come and go by, without getting too much involved in them. That is the method of observing thought. There is another method, which is recommended by certain schools of Buddhism, which is—Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Don’t choose your thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go, as they like. But every time a thought arises, use your mind as a sword and cut it off. This means, the moment the thought springs up, it is immediately cut off. The next thought comes and it’s immediately cut off. The next follows and it is cut off too.

Discard the old and look at everything with a fresh view. This is another way to overcome the limitations of one’s own mind.

So keep on cutting off thoughts as and when they arise. What it means is don’t get involved in the stream of consciousness. You know how the mind is. I am thinking of a microphone just now. From here, the mind would go on to various things like the cloth or the fabric that covers the mouthpiece. And then, I will think of someone who was wearing the fabric like that. And before I know, I will be thinking of textile shops in Forum or the girls walking along. Or something black, which is associated (with it). So on, and so forth.

So, don’t let that chain of consciousness take over. Every thought, as it arises, cut it off immediately with the mind. And then watch, what happens. Invariably, those who have practiced this have reported that, at some point, they suddenly come upon a gap between one thought that is gone and another that is yet to arise. It is in this gap that the key to that which exists beyond thought exists. Grasp it. It’s not difficult. It is not easy too. The thing is, it is very subtle. Comes, perhaps, through practice.

On the other hand, when you mix with people, when you live in the world, when you meet people outside, everyday try to look at them and your relationships with them as something new, don’t carry the old with you. Discard the old and look at everything with a fresh view. This is another way to overcome the limitations of one’s own mind.

And the third, keep repeating to yourself, that you are not this silly, little, limited being. But a spark of the unlimited, infinite, Supreme Reality, which is pure consciousness, uncorrupted by anything. Not even thought. And, if this idea remains in your mind constantly, it is not possible to do it all the time, but as far as possible, then very quickly one discovers that limitations are falling off one by one spontaneously. And, one day, you will hit upon that clarity which comes through deep insight into one’s own true nature of consciousness.


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