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Chasing the dream

The world is full of people overcoming difficult situations and achieving success in the face of unimaginable odds. Entrepreneurs that had no money, musicians that were rejected, actors who delivered flops and then rose from the ashes like phoenix, painters, athletes–you get the drift. People who had no means to succeed–the means that we take for granted–have managed to scale mountains that lesser mortals can only dream of.

We are all unique in our own exquisite ways. Some of us want to write, some itch to dance, some want to build, some just dream of packing up and travelling. However, our reality is being stuck in a daily routine that does not leave us with much time to pursue our dreams. Many accept their fate, often venting steady doses of cribs on social media. But a few of us give it our all to desperately wriggle out of drudgery’s death grip.

So, what is it that sets the two apart–people who chase their dreams and those who let go?

Psychologist and hypnotherapist Tishya Mahindru Shahani says, “People are usually torn between dreams and their immediate materialistic desires. While regular jobs offer instant gratification, chasing a dream requires patience and discipline. Those who do not have the patience find themselves stuck in monotonous jobs and getting immediate results, but losing themselves and their dreams in the long run.”

What will people say? This question has killed more dreams than anything else.

The internet has a plethora of quotes saying, ‘Going after your dreams is not that difficult.’ Books and movies show that the otherwise sad and dull protagonist always has a tonne of adventure in the end, even if possibilities looked bleak at the start. But in reality, dreams haven’t been easy to chase. The key to getting closer is to rise above self-doubt.

What will people say? This question has killed more dreams than anything else. It is important to know that ‘people’ are not aliens. Everyone around you is struggling with panic, fears and worries. The magic motto is to ignore the questions and follow the heart.

Accept this: There will never be enough money. This is not to suggest that one should just get up and go. The ideal way is to plan and save.

It’s our dream and hence, our responsibility. It’s our job to not let our dreams become splinters in our minds. Maybe the right time is now, or maybe it’s later. Whatever we decide, regretting it is not an option. We need to make the final choice–follow our dreams or let them go forever.

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  • Tishya Mahindru
    November 24, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    Mallika you’ve expressed it beautifully!!


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