fear of uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty and making the best of it

If we can free ourselves from the fear of uncertainty, not only does hope await us, but countless opportunities as well.

Life is uncertain. We all have heard this phrase at some point or other in our lives. But now is the first time many of us are experiencing it. When the pandemic hit the shores of every continent, no one knew what it is or how to contain it. A few months and millions of infections later, experts still don’t have the answers to many questions—when will it end?; when will the vaccination come?; and whether or not we will be able to live our lives like the good old days.

The last question has been running in our minds since the lockdown was implemented. And with no answer in sight, stress, anxiety, depression have grown like weeds.

That’s what uncertainty does. It covers your eyes with a sheet of fear, making you blind to what lies ahead. It could be a door to new possibilities or a glimmer of hope that you have been praying for. Unfortunately, in uncertain times, fear of the unknown sways your decisions and actions. Only if you knew, fear is nothing but shackles and you are the one carrying the keys. If you can free yourself from fear, not only hope awaits you but countless opportunities as well.

As the bestselling author Eckhart Tolle once said, “When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” The only thing you have to do is accept the reality and turn the tables. In this feature, Soulveda shares some tips on embracing uncertainty and making the best of it.

Focus on things you can control

When life gets uncertain, the mind begins to run like a jittery deer running from its hunter. Getting anxious about the future will not change the tomorrow or stop it from coming. It will come no matter what you do. So why lose sleep over something you can’t control or hasn’t even happened yet. Once you realise this truth, that you can only control what’s in your hands, you will feel a surge of confidence and optimism that you don’t have to fear the future but embrace it.

With chaos and commotion, uncertainty also brings ideas and opportunities along with it.

Pause and take a step back

When your thoughts and emotions begin to spiral out of control, you need to pause and take a step back. Sometimes, it’s important to look at things from a distance to get a better view of the situation. When you do so you realise, the problem isn’t as big as you imagined in the first place. It was your fear amplifying your worst nightmares and blocking the view of hope and opportunity in front of you.

Face what scares you

Uncertainty is nothing but the fear of the unknown holding you back. To liberate yourself from its clutches, face this fear with reason and confidence. To do this, first, you need to realise you are not alone. Like you, many people go through this experience of doubt and panic. Once you realise it’s not just you facing the ordeal, you begin to feel confident. Next, ask yourself how often such circumstances have knocked on your door like uninvited guests, and how often you have been wrong in judging the situation. This perspective will change the way you view things, especially uncertain events.

Put a practical plan in place

In uncertainty, you don’t know what the future holds for you. What you can do is analyse the situation well and set reasonable goals. Understand the limitations you are currently facing—it might be good for your safety. For instance, the lockdown restricted our movements, locked us in our homes, deprived us of the comfortable lives we were accustomed to. But it was all for the good. So instead of cursing your stars, make a plan for your next steps. Try to make the best of it by being ready for every curveball.

Keep a plan B up your sleeves

Imagine an uncertain situation like a game of cards. The bets are placed, cards have been distributed, and you are not happy with the set of cards you are holding in your hands. Your plan is not working and it seems like the end of the road for you. Now you can either call it quits or pull out a plan B from your sleeves. But this is only possible if you had anticipated these hiccups beforehand. In life too, you can’t always be sure what life has in store for you. You have to anticipate the worse so you are prepared and ready for everything that comes your way.

Put a leash on your erratic emotions

Your emotions can either be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. In times of uncertainty, your emotions can run amok, influencing your thoughts and decisions negatively. In such cases, what you need is clarity and perspective. For the latter, write down your thoughts as they come. Write until there are no thoughts left. Once done, read what you have written. If possible, read it the next day. You will discover how erratic your thoughts sound. Illogical and baseless. This practice will not only bring new ideas but clarity as well. You can also meditate or listen to powerful affirmations to bring stability and order to your thoughts.

Uncertainty isn’t always bad

Not all bad things are bad for you. With chaos and commotion, uncertainty also brings ideas and opportunities along with it. But to grab them, first, you need to climb over a few obstacles. It starts with overcoming your fear of the unknown. Next, you should have a positive mindset to maintain your focus on the brighter side. And finally, you should have clarity in your heart that the dark clouds of uncertainty will pass, and the shine of a new day will fall sooner or later.


How can embracing uncertainty lead to new possibilities?

Embracing uncertainty opens up infinite possibilities in life, allowing individuals to overcome fear and find hope and opportunities.

How can one deal with anxiety and fear during uncertain times?

One can focus on things within their control, pause to gain perspective, face fears with reason and confidence, and put practical plans in place to navigate through uncertainty.

Why is having a plan B necessary during uncertain situations?

Having a plan B allows individuals to be prepared for unexpected challenges and hiccups that may arise during uncertain times.

How can one manage erratic emotions during uncertainty?

To manage erratic emotions, one can gain clarity and perspective by writing down their thoughts and meditating or listening to affirmations to bring stability to their mind.


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