Power of Letting Go and Tips to Overcome Fear & Anxiety

The power of letting go: How to overcome fear and anxiety

To enjoy every moment in life, practice letting go. This eternal power will shed your fears and bury your anxiety. It will ignite ‘the light in the heart’ for inner peace and stability, like you have never experienced before.

Roy Bennett, an American lawyer and writer of the book ‘The light in the heart’ perhaps described the enormity of the power of letting go in one single quote, ‘Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.’

Indeed, fear and anxiety are not visible but are the heaviest of emotions. This is why letting it go makes you feel lighter and rids you from any negative thoughts. Notice how a bird, while collecting food for her chicks, never takes more than she can carry, so as to be able to fly? This is the bird practising the art of letting go in all its beauty.

Soulveda has researched and concluded that letting Go is a powerful mantra, especially in modern times when materialism and uncertainties of life are at their peaks. Take a deep breath and with every exhale, let go of your fear and anxiety, and enjoy every moment of life.

#1 Power of Letting Go – Vanish fears

Fear is an expression of all negative consequences that get accumulated in your mind. Losing out in a school race, being a failure in certain relationships or poor physical health can make you fear that worse await you. However, most of the people struggling with fear miss a basic fact that fear is all about the past, and past is sacrosanct. It has no power over your present unless you allow it to overtake you. For instance, a loss in a school race, where you experienced embarrassment for the first time cannot be nurtured; it can only be used as reference to do better next time.

Overcoming fear helps you grow in confidence and deal with life better by opening up new opportunities. The power of letting go releases all fears that hold you back from leading a purposeful life. Most importantly, it prevents you from falling down the rabbit hole of worry. So be ready to accept and love yourself to move forward.

#2 Power of Letting Go – Calming mind

Much like fear, anxiety is a repository of patterns or reactions of your mind and body when faced with stressful, distressed or uncertain times. I can still feel the knot in the pit of my stomach whenever I remember the day my class 12th board examination results were to be announced. The dread I felt that day still makes me anxious. So, what went wrong? Actually, it was the anxiety about the results more than my performance.

Under bouts of anxiety, one tends to see and process negative things only. Letting it go instead helps fill you with serenity, confidence and calmness. You gain the power of a calm mind that allows you to be in control of your emotions instead of fear and anxiety blowing you over.

The power of letting go enables you to connect with others better as well. It helps you live a more fulfilled life.

#3 Power of Letting Go – Conquering oneself

Ever since the evolution of humans, fear and anxiety have been an inseparable part of us as people. For as long as time, humans have longed for safety and a certain amount of stability in life. Interestingly, fear and anxiety are important in life for exactly those very things. The fear of losing loved ones drove medicinal innovation and hygiene practices. Anxiety about monsoon rains drove humans to develop warehouses for crop storage and build houses. So dealing with fears and anxiety is a formidable challenge for any person to actually advance in life.

Letting go is what helps us detach from the unpleasantness or sufferings of life. Fears of past and anxiety induced by an uncertain future loses its significance if you are able to develop detachment. That is, detaching yourself from the matters that do not concern you or which generate sufferings for you or sometimes both. As negative emotions vacate your mind and heart, you get to fill them with positivity and beliefs to lead a life of mindfulness.

#4 Power of Letting Go – The Light in the Heart

Once you have learnt to stay in the present, you start enjoying every moment of your life. By practising letting go of all negativity, thoughts of pain, suffering and worries occupy your mind lesser and you start focusing on what’s good in your life. Every small gesture of kindness, tiny but worthy accomplishments of your life become visible in their full glory, filling your heart with joy.

This can ignite a light in the heart that has immense power. And with this new found power, you also begin to trust in the power of choice; the choices to live free of any inhibitions, anger, stress or  self-doubt. Thus, letting it go is the panacea for a life full of inner peace and stability.

The power of letting go is that light in the heart, which is intense enough to illuminate your day, every day.




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