An unforgettable ride home

An unforgettable ride home

Amara found Geeth's interests and outlook towards life fascinating. But their chat was interrupted when Geeth got a call from her teenage daughter.

After a long, exhausting day at work, Amara took a shared ride home. Seated in the back of the car, she was lost in her thoughts when another co-passenger joined her. She glanced at the stranger, a middle-aged woman with a drawing sheet holder in one hand and her bag in another.

A few minutes later, Amara saw the woman pulling out the drawing sheets carefully from the holder and placing them on her lap. Amara couldn’t help but gaze in awe. Seeing her, the woman smiled and spoke in a humble tone, “I hope you liked the drawings.”

“I loved them! These are amazing!” her voice soaked in admiration as she went on to introduce herself, “By the way, I am Amara. Nice to meet you.”

“I am Geeth. Nice to meet you too,” the woman responded. This kick-started a conversation that quickly shifted from drawings to their favourite artists, books, theatre, and other aspects of life.

Amara found Geeth’s interests and outlook towards life fascinating. But their chat was interrupted when Geeth got a call from her teenage daughter. She was cooking dinner and had some questions about the recipe. She patiently answered all her queries before resuming the conversation.

“Your daughter is cooking dinner?” asked Amara.

“Yes. She is cooking dinner and helping me with the household chores. She has stepped up ever since her father died a few years ago,” she revealed. “Because of her, I can draw, take acting classes, and do the things I’ve always wanted to.”

Amara could relate to her situation. Her mother was also a widow, who spent her life looking after her children, but no one ever asked her about her desires and dreams. Amara felt ashamed and apologetic for not acknowledging her mother’s sacrifices. Her stop was before Geeth’s. Realising their eventful trip was nearing an end, they exchanged numbers. The cab stopped, but before getting out, Amara smiled and confessed, “Geeth, you are the first person I have met who is living life the way we should. I am glad our paths crossed.”

“Thank you. Let’s catch up soon,” Geeth replied and waved her goodbye.

As Amara walked slowly to her door, she had two things on her mind: her mother, whom she couldn’t wait to give a long, tight hug. And, second, the unforgettable ride home where a stranger gave her a fresh perspective on life.




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