A ray of hope

A ray of hope

Rajeev stared at him in awe. He didn’t miss a single day in more than two years just for his son, he wondered.

Rajeev was stuck in one of the worst writer’s blocks of his career. He had not written a single word in the last few weeks. And to make matter worse, the deadline was looming over his head like a noose. He had tried everything he possibly could but the perfect ending still eluded him.

With only two weeks in hand to wrap up the book, Rajeev decided to spend these days in the countryside to declutter his mind. He wanted to find his eureka moment in the tranquillity and quietude of nature.

From day one, Rajeev persevered in his pursuit but even the change in the environment didn’t seem to help him. He wrote a few pages every day but couldn’t steer in the direction that he was aiming to achieve.

I am not sure if I can finish this book. I am such a terrible writer, Rajeev was exasperated. He was disappointed with himself. In dismay, he wrote an email to the publisher, asking them to shelve the project. But, he couldn’t muster the strength to hit ‘send’.

Rajeev closed the lid of his laptop, jumped out from his chair, and went out for a walk. He saw a fruit seller across the street and walked up to him. “How much for these bananas?” Rajeev asked. “One KG is for 40, sir. These are really sweet. You will enjoy the taste,” he responded smilingly. Rajeev was happy seeing him smiling since his own had forsaken him.

“What’s your name? How long have you been selling fruits?” Rajeev continued the conversation.

“Bhola, sir. I am selling fruits here for the last two and a half years. I haven’t missed a single day,” his voice echoed with confidence.

“Haven’t missed a single day? Really?” Rajeev couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“Yes. Actually, I am trying to save up money for my son’s education. I couldn’t go to school due to poverty but I don’t want my son to suffer the same fate,” Bhola continued with grit and determination in his voice.

Rajeev stared at him in awe. He didn’t miss a single day in more than two years just for his son, he wondered. Meeting with Bhola had filled Rajeev with a newfound motivation. After purchasing the bananas from Bhola, he returned to his room.

He deleted the draft of the email he had written earlier. I have got this, Rajeev told himself as he started typing words incessantly. At last, he knew how to end it—with a message of hope and optimism.


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