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Power to tolerate

Power to tolerate is our ability to remain internally unaffected when situations and people are not our way. This power involves extending openness and acceptance, and internally resolving any conflict with right understanding.

It is about rising beyond our ordinary ways of reacting when scenes of life are not favourable. Tolerance comes with the knowledge that each soul is different from us. Their thoughts, feelings, perceptions are different from us.

Their sanskars and karmic accounts were created on the journey of different births in different environments facing different situations. So, we cannot question other’s behaviour or sanskars.

We inspire and empower them and they chose to change what they find uncomfortable about themselves.

This understanding helps us accept people as they are. We reach a point where we easily tolerate different sanskars. We reach a stage where there is no feeling of having to tolerate. Power to tolerate means we live and work with people with the understanding that different sanskars are the natural way to be.

We do not waste our energy or get agitated thinking or questioning: “Why are they this way, how can they be like this.” We do not try to control them or force them to change. We inspire and empower them and they chose to change what they find uncomfortable about themselves.

Let us make a list of simple habits of people, which we have not been able to tolerate so far. It is only a programming of our mind as we always tell ourselves that we cannot tolerate something or someone.

Today, let us create a thought: I accept this sanskar of theirs and from now their sanskar will not create any disturbance in my mind.

Dadi Janki

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organisation, which intends to help individuals re-discover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening.


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