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The Sukhmani Sahib: Psalms of spiritual peace

Sukhmani is the great Guru’s book of poems. They are psalms of peace, spiritual peace. They sum up the whole teaching of the ten Gurus. They have for these four centuries and more, consoled the hearts of men and women. They have healed; they have taught; they have illumined; they have been chanted day and night. I know of men and women who have lived on them. They have entered into the lives of thousands. I have heard the chant in the midnight and again in the dawn. The psalms of Sukhmani are on the lips of the peasants in the field and the labourers in the factory, of the students in the school, the youths in the city, the bereaved and the broken. They have been food and nourishment of many hearts. In them is the great word of the Gurus, the word of God. The word has nourished the hearts of millions.

The very first canto of the book opens with the words: “Meditate, meditate, meditate on Him and attain to sukha.”

What is sukha? The Upanishad used the word ananda. Both mean “joy”, “bliss”. Both point to peace. All of us seek peace, joy, bliss. Even those who say they do not believe in God, seek sukham, peace. And what must they do to find sukham? They must “meditate” in silence; only so may they have an experience of peace in His presence.

Life is a search for peace, for sukham. All pain born of prakirti (the body), all matter born suffering vanishes when you meditate on the One. Conquer prakirti and enter into the spirit, the One Nama. This entrance into Nama does not mean that you renounce the world. No! In meditating on the Nama, the spirit, you rather understand the world better.

The Sukhmani should have a special appeal to the nations which, broken and bleeding today cry for peace, which is not a political parchment but is born of the heart of man.

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