#IAmMyOwnWoman | #InternationalWomensDay | Soulveda

A woman can be anything she wants. It’s not for others to define her or take decisions on her behalf. She is her own woman. She knows it. But she can seldom be.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we at Soulveda asked women a simple question.

A question nobody is asking – Who. Are. You.?

Their answers moved our hearts. It’s your turn to listen, because that’s all they want.

VO: Su Iyer

Special thanks: (in order of appearance)

Mashqura Fareedi
Gargee Das
Su Iyer
Malavika Adnur
Saraswathi MS
Pooja Das
Nitika Ahlawat
Sudipta Ota
Gargi Deshpande
Munmun Bardhan
Prema Aiyer
Dipali Bhargava
Pravin Subbaiah


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