6 Wellness Trends to Catch Up on in 2023

Wellness trends – A guide to better health in 2023

The new year has brought with it new wellness trends which are deep rooted in our ancient practices. Making these a habit will help us heal and live better.

I think we all can agree that this is one of the more important years in the course of humanity. The world is healing, having gone through a health roller coaster in the last three years. As a result of the pandemic, we  have woken up to health and wellness like never before. We have slowly realised that our physical and mental health are integrated. Wellness is on everyone’s mind and priority list. In a way, we are recalibrating, and the world is setting a new health order.

Even if you have not given much thought to your health before, now could be the time to pay attention to your holistic health. To start from a place where we are only beginning to understand, wellness is not just about maintaining a healthy weight or visiting a gym, but about developing an attitude to maintain our physical, mental and social health in the long run.

Surprisingly, as we are going ahead in time, we are also turning back in history to imbibe the wisdom of our ancestors and ancient practices. Yoga and meditation have become essential in fighting the stress caused by a fast-paced, technology-savvy lifestyle. While modern means have allowed us to remain connected, it has also turned out to be a distraction, challenging our focus and mindfulness aplenty.

In fact, this has caused deep repercussions. We are much more sedentary now, our mind is swaying between information and notification alerts making us preoccupied and clumsy at managing life  overall. Many are grappling with mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks and depression caused by a lot of these factors. So a mindful and holistic approach to handle day-to-day life will help navigate the various twists and turns of life better.

Soulveda unravels for you the wellness trends of 2023 that are deep rooted in our ancient practices.

Free air living

“Some old-fashioned things like air and sunshine are hard to beat,” said acclaimed American children’s books author Laura Ingalls Wilder. When the Covid lockdowns hit us, the confinement and the inability to soak in fresh air and sunshine, put many among us into an uneasy mental stress. However, a crisis is often the best teacher too. We are now cherishing our ‘outdoor time’ even more. Soaking in some sunshine is really stress busting and is one of the best ways to break the monotony of a fast-paced but hectic life. Just breathe in some fresh air and feel the difference it makes to your day and mind.

Swedish people follow the concept of ‘Friluftsliv’ or ‘free-air-living’. Despite facing extreme winter conditions, they try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Many of us live in countries that have ample sunshine and great weather. To improve productivity and feel better, it is imperative that we develop a lifestyle that is less hooked to screens and remaining indoors and more about going out and getting some sunshine.

Sleep as a wellness tool

Unfortunately, technology has also robbed us of our precious sleep. Sleep seems to be the easiest to compromise for most of us even though we realise how badly sleep deprivation hits us the next day or even week.

While we have the flexibility to work at our own pace and place today, we are somehow sacrificing sleep to meet work deadlines or even worse, to browse social media mindlessly.

Sleep is a period during which the brain is engaged in several activities necessary to life—which are closely linked to quality of life,” says Johns Hopkins sleep expert and neurologist Mark Wu. It is during sleep that most of the repair and replenishment happens in our body.

Sleep is also one of the best ways to calm your mind and relax yourself. If nothing else is working on a hard day, it is recommended to hit a cosy, comfortable bed to catch some deep sleep for best results. Not only a deep slumber, a regular routine for sleep matters too. So catch a good amount of sleep at the same time every day and do not sacrifice it for anything!

Meditative practices and affirmations

As the world continues to heal while facing newer, tougher challenges, stress and anxiety have made a solid grip on a large population. We are unable to deal with a lot of challenges we face and to distract ourselves, we choose to let our minds wander, losing focus as a result. This is highly detrimental to our productivity and quality of life. Here, meditation has proven to be extremely beneficial in regaining calm and reclaiming focus.

If one seems to be hitting a low often, they need to listen to or chant positive affirmations regularly to reap great benefits. Choose a favourite spot that’s also peaceful and pick a time of the day to tune into positive affirmations. Doing so will attract positive and powerful thoughts and will reinforce one’s belief in themselves.

Sustainable food

2023 is steadily becoming the year when not just healthy food, but organic and sustainable food is picking pace as a favourite. People are making healthy food choices as junk and processed food have gone down in the consumption list. We are now integrating local, seasonal and organic foods in our diet to give us maximum benefits.

It is important to note that food accounts for about 25% of the greenhouse emissions, also affecting land and water systems. As we become more environmentally aware and responsible, sustainable food is the way ahead. Fortunately, diets have become more relevant to nutrition and a healthy approach to food and wellness is being adopted among the masses. Simply counting calories for meaningless weight loss is no more appealing to most. More people are choosing diets made up of plant-based foods such as nuts, beans and vegetables.

With societies and regulating bodies becoming aware of eating habits and the impact of food processing on the environment, conscious eating will go a long way in building a healthy lifestyle.

Keep moving

While on one side, taking 10,000 steps in a day has gained tremendous popularity, sedentary lifestyle too has emerged as a trend. As we are working long hours with blurring home and workspaces, moving out and around has become even more significant.

If your work requires you to remain stationed for long hours, make sure to take ‘moving breaks’. If possible, pace up the office stairs or even in the adjoining parking space after every hour.

We strain our neck and shoulder muscles too, due to prolonged sitting and enhanced device usage. Tech neck or the stressing of muscles while using phones and computers leading to neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and soreness has increasingly become a huge medical problem. So learn to take complete control of your posture even while seated.

Hydrate a lot

We all know the importance of water for human physiology. Accounting for 70% of body volume, it is essential for maintaining optimum cellular functions. Before our body signals, it is a good idea to replenish the fluid requirement. Plain water under normal room temperature works best. You can also add a dash of lemon, ginger or cinnamon in your water to sip through the day.

Like junk and processed food, tetra packs of sugar loaded drinks are now bidding adieu as well, making way for natural and nutrient loaded drinks. People are increasingly relishing healthy coconut water, homemade buttermilk, home-made vegetable and fruit juices over them. However, water still tops the list as it should.

Wellness is not a choice anymore but a necessity.  Rising awareness and a responsible attitude towards health is leading to some well-preserved wellness trends being adopted again. Complete wellness is not about any specific product or technique though. It is a way to take proper care of one’s mental and physical health by opting for ways tested by time. As 2023 opens new doors to wellness, lets unlock the potential of our wonderful body to the maximum.




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