Think healthy, be healthy

Think healthy, be healthy

"Some of our attitudes cause disease, while some of them promote good health," explains Sadhu Vaswani.

Health and happiness are twin goals that mankind has always pursued. Many of us know that we must be healthy in order to be happy; but very few of us realise that we must strive to be happy in order to be healthy!

Some of our attitudes cause disease, while some of them promote good health. The body has its own excellent self-healing mechanism, and it prefers to be in a healthy condition at all times. Therefore, it is up to us to choose good health—by choosing the right attitude to life.

It has been well established through research and case-studies that all major illnesses of the body are linked to negative emotions. In other words, a negatively inclined mind causes physical ailments in the body. Negative emotions create chaos and agitation in the mind, which affect the vital functions of the body. For example, anger and tension release harmful toxins into the bloodstream. On the other hand, goodness and sympathy promote the healthy flow of pure blood to the brain, stimulating the brain cells.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, we have accepted what is known as psychosomatic unity of the human being. ‘Psyche’ means mind or soul; ‘soma’ means body. Thus, the psychosomatic concept tells us that we are not just bodies, but an entirety that includes body, mind and spirit, functioning in a symbiotic relationship in which separation is impossible to make.

True health and well-being encompasses man’s physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual state. When there is harmony and integrity between all these states, a man is in good health. This is the concept of holistic health that we need now.


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