There's freedom in letting go

Letting go: Here’s how it helps in embracing positivity in life

As we grow, we accumulate many experiences, some that are unpleasant and can cause a flood of negativity within if hoarded For our growth and happiness, we need to let go and regain the equilibrium of wellbeing.

One of the most frequently heard phrases in the modern world today is ‘letting go’. But what is it that we need to let go of?  As we grow, we accumulate many experiences, some that are unpleasant and can cause a flood of negativity within if hoarded. Holding onto such intense thoughts often leads to deterioration in one’s physical and mental health. So in order to grow and to be happy, to let go is one way to regain the equilibrium of wellbeing. Letting go of such incidents and your feelings towards it is important to retain the vigour and vitality of life in the long run.

It is a well-known fact that humans need to grow at a constant pace, learn continuously and be creative. A positive mindset works like a perfect petri dish for flourishing creativity. This is why letting go becomes essential when a situation or a person we are holding onto, leaves us mentally or physically drained and incapable of following any pursuits.

Soulveda shares how letting go can help us embrace positivity in life.

Address situations mindfully

Increasingly, we seem to be drifting and living in the past or future rather than in the ‘now’. Each of us experience certain extents of a wandering mind. Dwelling too much in the past or hunting for memories be it good or bad can be more counterproductive than one thinks. It has become important, now more than ever, to bring ourselves to a state of mindfulness. Embracing the present and remaining focused on the task at hand is what mindfulness all about.

If you notice, mundane chores like brushing teeth or sorting laundry is the time when you will find your mind wandering the most, so consciously try to remain in the present. This is the hardest part, but once achieved, we can learn to soak in the moment, letting go of the thoughts bothering us.

Gradually, our mind learns to condition itself to remain glued to the present moment, ignoring all distractions.

Take a step back

Taking a step back is absolutely must at the time of a crisis. It is especially important to take yourself away from situations or person that hurt or are beyond what can be managed.

Doing simple things like maintaining a physical distance or moving away to regain a positive demeanour ensures wellness. This self-care tip is a must-do as it allows letting go of anger or any negativity at a point where one may be provoked enough to tumble into more negativity.

Remember to not feel guilty about taking a step back from hard situations. With time, a better and relaxed frame of mind arrives and one feels equipped with a new perspective and strength to deal with what comes next.

Physically removing oneself from harsh situations is equal to opening a door to positivity in life. A mind that gets time to remove negativity and heal properly can move towards appreciating beauty

Learn to forgive

Letting go also means forgiving a person even when they have not understood their mistake or apologized yet. In  fact, for truly letting go, you must prepare your mind to forgive people who may not apologize at all. It is crucial to forgive and move on for your emotional wellbeing because if you keep waiting for the other person to apologize, then chances are you might be cradling old wounds.

Forgiving and moving on makes way for a growth mindset, essential for sustained positivity towards life.

It is important to know that forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving others. Each mistake brings a learning which becomes a catalyst for further growth. As humans, we cannot march ahead without committing mistakes. Once we realize this, forgiving ourselves becomes easier.

Indeed, letting go of our own mistakes is one of the best ways to embrace positivity in life because it improves the quality of life not only for us but for those around us too.

Practice meditation

Do you often get anxious due to events of the past? Does anyone you care for often let their pain sway them into despair, hampering growth?

Most of us feel this way somewhere in our journey. When the constant drifting of mind towards a painful situation or person starts to hamper one’s positive outlook, it is important to combat it with a holistic attitude. Daily meditation is one of the best ways to deal with stress or a bothering situation.

When thoughts get too overwhelming, one must devote a fixed time regularly to meditate. Meditation lets one accept and acknowledge the thoughts that bear heavy on the mind. Slowly, this habit conditions the mind to let the thoughts and worrying pass through without swaying the mind.

Develop a support system

Learn to surround yourself with happy and positive people. Developing a support system is essential to move from a turbulent past or a relationship. Remember to connect with like-minded people to embrace positivity and keep yourself grounded.

Additionally, mingling with positive people means their energy rubs on you. It energizes you to move ahead with a new zeal. So consciously choose those who bring positivity in life.

Explore creativity

We are all endowed with some kind of a talent. It could be painting, singing, writing or any other endeavour which might be latent. Or you may already be shining in your efforts. Creatively channelizing one’s energy is one of the best ways of letting go of a hurtful situation.

Any creative pursuit works like therapy and requires focus. This focus works akin to magic for those healing by bringing back a fresh perspective towards learning and growth.

Any crisis can be turned around into an opportunity and a setback can be a steppingstone to a new success story. If we configure our mind into creating opportunities, the constructive outcomes start channelising the mind towards creating more. This also starts us on a path of recovery, healing and bouncing back.

Practice gratitude

Each day brings to us umpteen opportunities to embrace positivity in life. We can break the pattern of feeling downtrodden or hurt by deciding to remain grateful for what we have. This gratitude mindset not only brings satisfaction, it also adds to healing and striving towards creating more. We may not be brimming with money or love, but even a fraction of what we can give brings happiness galore. It also makes us realize how precious life is.

Once we understand that life is about giving back, we find it in us to accept the painful past and begin to have a large vision again. When we are thankful for each blessing, it translates into peace, more productivity and a selfless attitude.

Gratitude truly makes us feel content as this is one of the oldest and most basic traits of humans. The positivity that it brings makes us rise and letting go seems like a natural progression.


How can you let go?

Address situations mindfully, take a step back, learn to forgive, practice meditation, develop a support system, explore creativity, practice gratitude.

How does addressing situations mindfully contribute to embracing positivity in life?

Addressing situations mindfully involves being present and fully aware of your thoughts and feelings. This practice helps you respond to challenges with clarity and perspective, reducing negativity and promoting a more positive outlook on life.

How does learning to forgive play a role in embracing positivity?

Learning to forgive allows you to release resentment and negative emotions. Forgiveness fosters emotional healing and frees you from the weight of grudges, promoting a more positive and peaceful mindset.

How does practicing meditation aid in letting go and embracing positivity?

Meditation cultivates mindfulness and self-awareness, enabling you to detach from negative thoughts and emotions.




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