brothers relationship

A surprise reunion

What started as friendly banter, quickly turned into a full-blown argument.

Kevin and Harry shared an inseparable bond. The siblings had their fair share of disagreements, but nothing was quite as intense as this conversation. What started as playful banter quickly turned into a heated argument. Unkind words were said, accusations were hurled, and things went from bad to worse. Harry walked out the door and Kevin did nothing to stop him. That day, a strain was created in their relationship; something the brothers couldn’t get over.

Two years had passed since. Kevin was in a good place, with everything he could ask for—a good job, a big house, his loving wife Nina and a baby on the way.

He was at work one day when his phone rang, “I’m going into labour! Come quickly!”

He picked up his car keys and ran as fast as he could. He’d promised to be by Nina’s side when the baby arrives.

Kevin was on his way to the hospital when the car suddenly came to a screeching halt. He tried to start it but it wouldn’t budge. Without wasting more time, he pushed the car to the side and booked a cab. His heart was pounding hard as he thought about his wife.

He was finally on his way when his phone rang again. It was Harry. I can’t deal with this right now Kevin thought and disconnected. He was just a few minutes away from the hospital when his phone buzzed again. It was a text from Harry: ‘It’s a girl! Both mommy and baby are fine. Don’t worry, I’m here.’

A wave of relief passed over Kevin. He entered the hospital lobby. Harry stood there waiting for him. They exchanged an awkward glance and rushed to see the newborn.

That evening, Nina told him that she and Harry had been in touch all along. “I didn’t tell you…I thought you’d be upset.” After all these years of distance and hesitation to reconnect, Harry decided to surprise Kevin on the day the baby would arrive. He hoped they would reconcile. Kevin felt a lump in his throat as Nina spoke.

He picked up the phone, “Harry, it’s me, Kevin…” It was a long and emotional call. Kevin’s eyes glistened with tears of joy as he took his daughter in his arms, “Thank you little one for bringing my brother back to me.”

The infant let out a chuckle as if to rejoice in her father’s happiness.


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