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Love will bring you home

Leaving behind her small-town life, Lily was ready to be consumed by the brilliance of a megacity.

Lily’s phone rang again. It was another call from home. 8th to be precise, that week. But her guilt and troubling thoughts didn’t let her answer. What shall I say? After all these months… she wondered, her eyes damp with tears.

It had been almost five months since Lily left home to pursue her career. She had taken to her independence like a bird takes to the sky after being uncaged. Leaving behind her small-town life, she was ready to be consumed by the brilliance of a megacity.

The first few weeks passed like an adventure. Forging new bonds, exploring new places; freedom had never tasted so good. And in this quest for building a new life, she had shrugged off her old one. Her family was pushed to the far end of her mind.

But with time, the charm of the new city started wearing off. Deep down, she was beginning to realise the value of an anchor, the joy of coming back to her family instead of an empty house, and the feeling of being loved and looked after. She had begun to ache for home. But she didn’t know what to do after months of ignoring calls and emotional distance.

When the phone rang again, she answered hesitantly.

“Lily, sweetheart. Is everything okay? Why haven’t you been answering our calls? We’ve been so worried!” her concerned dad said.

The familiar deep voice of her father instantly comforted her. She yearned to be with him and her entire family who loved her no matter where she was or what she did.

“Dad, I miss all of you. Can I come home for a few days,” said Lily.

“Of course! This is your home. I’ll come this weekend to get you. Your mom would be thrilled to hear this!” her dad replied.

“Aren’t you mad at me? I rarely called you or answered your calls. I always said I’m busy when I wasn’t. I feel pathetic,” said Lilly.

“Don’t. We are not mad at you. Instead, we all are proud of you. Because that’s what parents do,” her father said.

This is when Lily realised that life might take her to new and exciting places, but it was love that would always take her back home.


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