Santa's magic

Santa’s magic

"Santa, are you there?" Luke whispered looking out the window. "My friends at school say you are not real. But I know you are."

“Luke, do you think Santa received my letter? He lives awfully far,” three-year-old Lois worriedly asked her elder brother.

“Oh, I am sure he’s received it. My friends say Santa is just our neighbour Uncle Bill in a costume,” a disappointed Luke replied.

Lois’ eyes widened in disbelief. “That’s not true! Mom and I posted my letter to the North Pole,” she said, with full confidence.

“Really? I tore up mine. Anyway, if he is real and has magical powers, he will know what I want.”

Lois pursed her lips and stomped out of the room.

Luke sighed. The seven-year-old opened the window and gazed at all the houses decorated with Christmas lights. The night sky was soon filled with stars and the air with carols and laughter.

“Santa, are you there?” Luke whispered looking out the window. “My friends at school say you are not real. But I know you are.”

That night, long after being tucked into their warm, comfortable beds, neither Lois nor Luke could sleep well. Lois was too excited and Luke unsure.

Around midnight, an excited Lois sat up straight and called out, “Luke! Do you hear that? I think Santa is here!”

The boy listened intently. Lois was already opening their door.

“Lois, wait. I hear nothing…”

“Shhh! He’s downstairs. I hear footsteps. Come on, Luke,” whispered Lois and crept out. Luke followed her.

But alas, their living room had no Christmas visitors.

“I think he’s outside already! I hear his bells jingling again,” said Lois. The children ran towards the window and peeped out.

“Look! Up in the sky. It’s fairy dust!” the little girl cried, as her brother looked on spellbound.

The next morning, the children could hardly contain their excitement. Had they really seen Santa and his flying reindeers? They certainly thought so. And there were presents beneath their Christmas tree–one each for Lois and Luke.

Luke undid the gift wrap and let out a delighted squeal. In addition to the gift he’d wanted, there was a special letter. He opened it. It read:

Dearest Lucas,

Merry Christmas!

You’ve been a good child this year. So, here’s the present you wanted.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Magic is much more than Christmas or Santa Claus or flying reindeers. The real magic is right within you. The more you listen to your heart and believe in yourself, the more you’ll witness miracles happening all around you. Just imagine. Every day could be Christmas!

Magic is for real, Luke. So, don’t stop believing.

Tons of love,



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