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nurture the mind

Nurture the mind

The mind is often compared to a garden. If you care for your garden, you nurture it carefully, you lavish attention on it and cultivate it with loving effort so that it blooms into a beautiful vision. But if you neglect it and allow weeds to take root there, the garden of your mind will become a cluttered, seedy, untidy place. Good health and wellbeing can never grow in such a garden.

The mind is an infinitely valuable gift that God has given us. People can lead successful, satisfying lives without hands, eyes or legs. The world’s greatest physicist, Stephen Hawking, was an example of a great man, indeed, a genius, who had not allowed severe physical disability to daunt him or impede his reading and research. We can cite him as the perfect example of a sound mind that has transcended, overcome the disadvantages of an unsound body. However, the reserve cannot be true. For if a man loses his mind, he is as good as dead!

Let us empty our minds just as we empty our pockets.

Many men are in the habit of emptying out their coat pockets just before they retire to bed at night. The pockets are turned out carefully: coins, money, valuables are neatly put away. Useless bits of paper are discarded.

Let us empty our minds just as we empty our pockets. There are so many useless thoughts and worries we pick up during the day, a little resentment here, a slight irritation there, a few annoyances and even some guilt reactions. Every night these should be drained out of our mind, just as we drain dirty water out of a wash-basin by removing the stopper.


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