5 Reasons Why Cancer Survivors Day Is Important in India

5 reasons why Cancer Survivors Day is important in India

Stigmatizing cancer and having less awareness about the illness makes it even more severe than it already is. Cancer Survivors Day in India brings hope that it can be beaten, and life can be enjoyed again.

While the world has been undergoing a severe upheaval in the last 3 years owing to the pandemic, a few of us have seen more life shaking incidents than others.

I always thought cancer was a distant concept, a dreaded C-word from afar. Until it entered my inner circle. First it was a good friend, later a cousin and finally, my mother was diagnosed of breast cancer. It was devastating and dreadful to see my loved ones facing one of the toughest battles of their lives. But the highest level of panic gripped me on hearing that my mother was at stage 3 of this deadly disease. Slowly, I gathered my calm and courage to keep her motivated through the crisis.

With appropriate and timely medical advice and procedures, my mother showed signs of recovery. The initial horror, panic and anguish soon metamorphosed into courage and an indomitable and positive spirit to fight and survive. While the family and loved ones rallied with support, it was an eye-opening journey for all of us.

A cancer survivor is someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and has survived the life-threatening disease. The shock of being diagnosed with one of the deadliest diseases in the world, undergoing long spells of treatment which may include surgical procedures, radiation therapies having severe side-effects in many cases, are enough to demoralise a patient.  The harrowing time spent by the patient and their family can lead to emotional damage and can affect the mental health and stability of many.

National Cancer Survivors Day is observed on June 4 to celebrate those who emerge victorious from the disease. Their sheer willpower, positivity and efforts make their lives success stories that bring a fresh lease of hope to those who are still fighting the monstrous disease.

Soulveda enlists 5 reasons why Cancer Survivors Day is important in India, especially since this day brings tremendous hope and calls for celebration of those who have beaten the disease and dived back into living inspirational lives.

Raising Awareness

Cancer has now firmly entrenched itself in India amongst the most life-threatening ailments with 1 in 10 people predicted to develop cancer in their lifetime. All is not lost though. The 5 year survival for stage 1,2,3 is nearly 100% whereas for stage 4, it is 47.7%.

An early detection coupled with right therapy can lead to complete recovery for many patients – this is the message and awareness that Cancer Survivors Day generates.

Cancer affects people from all strata – whether affluent or from an economically weak background, educated or uneducated, this disease can spread its tentacles anywhere. Raising right awareness about the treatment and recovery process brings a ray of hope and encouragement to those who are diagnosed with it and undergoing treatment. Celebrating these survivors help in keeping them upbeat and encouraged and send a strong message to others, that if they have beaten this disease, others also can!

The Office for National Statistics in the UK recently announced that the survival rate for patients with cancer is higher if detected at an early stage, emphasising the importance of early diagnosis. Awareness of the disease and its treatment thus becomes crucial.


Unfortunately, many attach a stigma to this deadly disease. Owing to the stigma, patients and their families do not want to disclose that they are fighting cancer. This often leads to a delay in treatment or not being able to receive the right therapy due to lack of communication. Further, patients get deprived of valuable inputs and assistance from those who have been through the uphill road.

In India, where cancer is stigmatized this way, talking about successful recovery and leading a normal life again brings hope and lowers the stigma.

Rising cases

India is rapidly seeing an increase in the number of cancer patients. The estimated number of cases of cancer in India for the year 2022 was found to be 14,61,427. The numbers are likely to go up by at least 50 % by 2040.

Further, lung and breast cancers are leading cancers in males and females. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 1 in 10 Indians is diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 15 dies from it. In times when these numbers are burgeoning, a day dedicated to cancer survivors has tremendous significance. At its minimum, this day unleashes positivity that each case may not be fatal. At its best, it fills a patient with confidence and will power to fight this disease.

Generating support

A cancer patient needs support from family, friends, medical fraternity and a reassuring touch from society in general. Cancer Survivors Day not only generates a revival of spirit, it raises awareness amongst people about a cancer patient and their tumultuous journey.

When cancer survivors talk about the way they faced adversities, in the form of financial constraints or lack of support from near and dear ones or an apathetic attitude from those they met during this journey, it opens our mind to the possible situations that someone might face when fighting this disease.

Events, talks, campaigns help in rallying support for cancer patients and families. People become more sensitised to a cancer patient’s condition and many even offer voluntary financial, physical or emotional support, according to the patients’ needs.

Stories of hope

Fighting cancer requires a high degree of resilience and courage. There are many celebrities in India who have fought battles against cancer successfully; cricket icon Yuvraj Singh’s book ‘The Test Of My Life’ brings massive hope as he describes his fight against cancer while all alone in the USA.

In fact, a cancer survivor provides motivation not only for cancer patients but anyone facing crisis and seeking inspiration. These stories of hope, resilience and immense courage act as motivational catalysts to those undergoing tough medical treatments.

Fortunately, India is now witnessing an increase in experts of oncology, the medical branch which specialises in cancer treatment. Apart from well-established hospitals like the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai and Kolkata and the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital in New Delhi, many other hospitals are becoming equipped with experts and latest in technology and instruments to provide cancer care. With effective and widely available treatment, those diagnosed with cancer can now look forward to the hard journey ahead with some optimism.

Cancer may be life-changing, but it need not be the end of the road. Survivors are living examples of the never-say-die spirit of humans, fighting against all odds. A cancer survivor emerges stronger with a renewed mindset and outlook, filled with gratitude for each day and every happiness that it brings. As a survivor, they know how it feels to be blessed with a second innings!

So, the importance of Cancer Survivors Day in India is primary in getting the positive message of fighting this disease across to millions.


What is Cancer Survivors Day in India?

Cancer Survivors Day in India is an annual observance held on June 4th to celebrate and honor those who have successfully battled cancer and emerged victorious from the life-threatening disease. It serves as a day of hope and inspiration for cancer patients and their families.

Why is Cancer Survivors Day important in India?

Cancer Survivors Day is crucial in India due to several reasons. It helps raise awareness about cancer, its treatment, and the importance of early detection.

How does Cancer Survivors Day generate support for cancer patients?

Cancer Survivors Day generates support for cancer patients through various events, talks, and campaigns.




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