Meditation for peace

Meditation for mental peace

Dadi Janki states, "Meditation is a powerful tool for rediscovering the positive and best qualities already latent within us."

In the modern age of fast-paced lifestyles, more and more people are adding mediation to their daily routine to get rid of stress or simply to relax. Meditation is the process of rediscovering and developing the positive qualities that are basically latent in us. These are our innate values that we can easily develop and apply them in our practical life. Life will never ever be without its challenges. Knowing how to create a positive attitude can change a problem into an opportunity, making life less perilous and more enjoyable. Life is a game of opposites.

We will experience a variety of folds of happiness and sorrow, ups and downs, gain and loss, praise and criticism, victory, and defeat. It is up to us to transform any situation to a positive one by our spiritual empowerment that will help us enormously in our day-to-day interaction with others and help beat stress and keep our minds stable and tranquil despite hectic commitments we must cope with.

A little meditation every day keeps pain, both mental and physical, and stress at bay. It is a way of revitalising and nurturing the body to prepare it to handle challenges in an efficient manner. It helps us remain healthy and active well into our advanced years when reflexes usually slow down. Regular meditation, if imbibed in the day’s schedule, can help us become physically and mentally more active.

Meditation helps blood circulation and prevents blockage of arteries and veins. With it, the chances of suffering from chronic illnesses like pains, diabetes, and even heart attack become less.

Meditation is a process, a technique, a skill. It requires practice to achieve positive, beneficial, and satisfying results that are positively astounding. By regular practice of mediation, stressful reaction to a situation can be markedly reduced. Stress reactions are replaced by calmer responses.

Meditation is a powerful tool for rediscovering the positive and best qualities already latent within us. It is a method that enables us to create new attitudes and responses to life-giving us a clear spiritual understanding of ourselves. In many areas, the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits of meditation are now clearly recognised. Spiritually, we have an enhanced sense of wellbeing and fulfilling our potential. We are able to face any challenge in life.

Basically, the meditation begins with learning to focus our thoughts.

The mind becomes free from worries, anxieties, depression, and fear. As there is great control of negative thoughts and the creation of positive one, happiness and tranquillity are restored. An increase in concentration power and stability of the mind is experienced. This healthy mind creates a healthy body. There is increased vitality, less psychosomatic illnesses, better sleep, and relief from tension.

Meditation is not just for some. Most of us can see room for improvement in our lives. No matter what our life is like, what our occupation is, or what situation we have to face, meditation has a greater capacity for life improvement and fulfilment.

What is Raj-Yoga meditation? Raj-Yoga meditation is awareness of the metaphysical self and absorption of one’s mind in the consciousness of god and concentration on him and his divine attributes.

The word yoga means ‘to unite’. Yoga is, therefore, the practice or art of uniting or linking the mind with god by focusing attention on him as an incorporeal being-of-light and thinking of nothing else but his divine qualities. This takes one into a state of absorption, bliss and peace through positive thinking. It recharges one’s self or soul with light and might and fills it with creative energy.

The name Raj-Yoga is significant. Raja means the king, the sovereign or the supreme. This Yoga is called Raj-Yoga because it’s the supreme or the highest yoga, being true and most effective. The term Raj-Yoga also implies that even such a person as a king, who is very busy and has so much to do, can practice it, and it does not involve acts of austerities or penances or of renouncing one’s household.

Meditation is of great value because it brings a great change in personality traits and negative thinking and habits. It gives us many benefits, some direct and others, indirect. Meditation not only enables a person to rise to the highest level of spiritual experience, but it helps us to discharge our professions, household and other social duties more efficiently and with equanimity and better judgment. Meditation gives us mental relaxation and constant peace and improves the quality of being. It is the sure way to experience a new zeal, powerful energy, and real and lasting peace and to have in it a fountain of bliss.

Basically, the meditation begins with learning to focus our thoughts. It is important to create and contemplate only positive and constructive thoughts. With this in mind, the first topic covered in the course of Raj-Yoga is to understand the nature of the ‘self the supreme being’ and the relation between the two. This helps to focus the mind at the highest level.

By Dadi Janki

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organisation, which intends to help individuals re-discover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening.


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