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Meditation: How to practice Raj yoga to connect with the supreme soul

The connection with the Supreme fills us with spiritual strength and helps us to stay positive in all situations.

Meditation is an inner mental exercise that helps to relax and cool down. With practice, relaxation for a long time is easily possible. It just depends on the type of meditation that is regularly practised. One of the oldest meditations is called ‘Raj yoga’. ‘Raja’ means the king or the Supreme. And ‘yoga’ means union or connection. Hence the ‘highest on high’ connection is called Raj yoga. This highest connection can only be with One Supreme Light, God the Supreme Soul. This meditation creates a personal and a very loving bond between the souls and God who is the Supreme Father and the Supreme Mother.

Those, who enjoy ‘Raja yoga’ meditation, know the art to connect with the One, the Supreme Soul— who is the eternal Father and the eternal Mother. They experience all relationships with Him and experience the true meaning of love, peace and happiness. The practice of this meditation is based on His teachings as the Supreme Teacher.

The first method is to consider the self as a soul and remember God as the Supreme Soul. Firstly, we remind ourselves of our original and eternal attributes and secondly of the qualities of the Supreme, the Source of all power and energy. Raj yoga purifies our mind and liberates it from different forms of impurity or body consciousness, thus transforming the self into a pure and charitable soul and experiencing super-sensuous joy. This transformation is needed to become worthy to enter the Golden Age. The connection with the Supreme fills us with spiritual strength and helps us to stay positive in all situations.

To maintain this strength, we require a daily connection so that our energy is constantly replenished. For this, practise sitting in silence in the remembrance of the Eternal Sweetest Supreme Father, every day or every hour for two to ten minutes. Remember Him as the Ocean of Love and purity. As we sit under the canopy of His Love and protection, it washes away all our sorrows and gives us a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

God’s love cleanses and purifies us. His remembrance incinerates all the past sins and negative traces inside the soul, which have been left by negative karmas of the past. It also helps to heal the inner wounds left by ego, fear, sorrow, hatred, anger or jealousy and experience the inner beauty of peace, love, purity and bliss; of the spiritual being. This transforms our vision and attitude towards the self and others, thus making ourselves worthy of belonging to the new world, the Golden Age—a world where all (those who are worthy) souls are naturally soul-conscious and 100 percent pure and perfect.

As we change ourselves, we also change and transform this old world. It is time to connect with the Supreme and transform the self into a pure deity. Renounce the bad habits of the old world and become pure agents of change. Practise Meditation. Go deep within the inner being. This is where we find the beauty of peace, love and happiness, our innate qualities. Emerge and enhance these qualities, so that the words, the behaviour, the whole essence reflects virtues and powers.


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