How thoughts affect our body

Power of thoughts

Dada JP Vaswani says, "Thoughts are forces. Thoughts have power. Thoughts produce vibrations, which affect the tissues and the blood chemistry."

Take care of your thoughts! For thoughts have power over the body; they have an almost instantaneous effect on the glands of the body. That is why we often say that when we think of a delicious dessert or a favourite dish, we begin to salivate—the salivary glands, in this case, are activated by mere thought.

Thoughts are forces. Thoughts have power. Thoughts produce vibrations, which affect the tissues and the blood chemistry. Worry, anger, excitement, tension—all this can adversely affect the well-being of an individual. Take the digestive system, for example. It is a proven fact that anxiety and stress lead to acidity, ulcers and other more severe disorders. On the other hand, positive thoughts are healing, health giving and vital forces. A happy mind is the greatest aid to a healthy body. By focusing on positive thoughts, we contribute to our own good health and well-being.

Negative thoughts throw toxins into the blood stream. Therefore, we need to constantly cleanse the mind of all negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

We must always be aware of negative thoughts, negative energies which interfere with the natural flow of positive energy into our lives. This resistance is in our thoughts. Any thought of doubt or fear or anxiety is a thought that resists healing. These thoughts must be consciously pushed aside. Positive, optimistic, healing thoughts must be activated in their place. Such thoughts, that are energetic and in tune with wholeness and well-being, will allow good health to infuse your life.

I repeat, thoughts affect your body, therefore be conscious of your thoughts. Our minds today are full of wrong thoughts, negative thoughts. We allow our minds to be filled with thoughts of illness, pain, disease, thoughts of passion, pride, lust, greed, hatred, and resentment, thoughts of ill-will, envy and jealousy. With such thoughts darkening our hearts and minds, how can we expect to be healthy and happy?

Wise men tell us that on an average, a human being allows nearly 60,000 thoughts to run through his mind, every day. Alas, for us, most of these thoughts are tired, impoverished thoughts that we think over and over again and most of them are negative and defeatist.

Many men are in the habit of emptying out their coat pockets just before they retire to bed at night. The pockets are turned out carefully: coins, money, valuables are neatly put away. Useless bits of paper are discarded.

Let us empty our minds just as we empty our pockets. There are so many useless thoughts and worries we pick up during the day, a little resentment here, a slight irritation there, a few annoyances and even some guilt reactions. Every night these should be drained out of our mind, just as we drain dirty water out of a wash-basin by removing the stopper.


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