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7 positive habits for life after lockdown

The global lockdown has brought with itself a chance to break free from the mundane way of life and find a new way of living.

The global lockdown was the first line of defence implemented to contain the pandemic. However, despite its noble ambition, it wasn’t an easy change to adapt to. Under the lockdown, people became vulnerable, as they took time to come to terms with the reality of self-isolation. Social interaction, public spaces, buying groceries, doing your chores, everything changed in a matter of days.

Like every coin has two sides, the global lockdown also had a flip side. It brought with it an opportunity to break free from the mechanical life and find a new way of living. As the famous professor of literature and author, Joseph Campbell, once said, “Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” It was time to find these deeper powers, through a change in perspective and cultivation of new habits to make the best of the new normal.

In this feature, Soulveda shares seven positive habits that you can cultivate while adapting to the new normal for your growth and happiness.

Journal your thoughts

In The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank wrote, “Unless you write yourself, you can’t know how wonderful it is; I always used to bemoan the fact that I couldn’t draw, but now I’m overjoyed that at least I can write… .” It’s not a coincidence that Anne Frank found her solace in the pages of her diary, while the world outside was in chaos. Writing your thoughts down is a therapeutic experience that opens the door to your imagination where you can get lost, and find yourself anew.

This lockdown sprung similar chaos, if not the same. By cultivating the habit of journaling your thoughts, you can find the same path of calm and self-discovery. Writing for your mind is what eating green vegetables is for your body. Your stress levels and anxiety reduces as you make the habit of writing a part of your daily routine.

Many people have mastered this art of writing to reap its benefits. All it takes is a start. You can take the first step by writing one page a day. Slowly increase your speed, and write without censoring your thoughts. Let your emotions pour.

Meditation is a science-backed practice that can relive your mind from stress and anxiety.

Follow a set routine

Following a set routine is more difficult than it sounds. Because it is easier to break rules than to follow them. Sleeping at 2 am, waking up at 10 in the morning, skipping breakfast, leaving the chores incomplete—an unplanned day results from the lack of a dedicated routine that functions like clockwork. All successful people have a routine, which they follow religiously without missing a beat.

Now is the perfect time to cultivate this habit. Plan your timings—from opening your eyes in the morning to doing your chores, finishing up your tasks, spending time with your loved ones, to finally calling it a day. It will be tough in the beginning. But with one eye at the dedication and the other eye at the lifetime of rewards, you will reap from this routine, start working on it.

Meditate daily

Ever since the global lockdown was established, people from around the world have suffered from stress and other mental disorders.

I hope my family and friends are safe”, “How will I get through the lockdown without meeting people?”, “Will I lose my job?”, “Will I get another job?”, “Am I safe at home?”, “Is my neighbour infected?”—thousands of questions like these became the reason of worry for many.

Meditation is a science-backed practice that can relieve your mind from stress and anxiety. One cannot stress the importance of meditation enough, and its healing effects on the mind.

It gives you control over your mind and your erratic thoughts and brings calm and stillness. Once the lockdown is lifted completely, the habit of meditation will help you remain fit, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Reading always helps

Reading is beneficial in many ways. It is a great way to divert your mind from all the negativity and stress looming in the world outside. It also increases your knowledge of cultures, enriches your vocabulary, and improves your memory. It is one of those habits that can impact every part of your life. It strengthens your brain, turns you into a more compassionate person, helps you sleep well—reading has a long list of benefits.

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Eating healthy food is one of the best things you can do for your body, and for your future self.

Eat healthy to remain healthy

If there is one thing that the lockdown has changed for good, it is our bad habit to rely on outside food. When the lockdown was implemented and our favourite joints were closed, eating home-cooked meals was the only option we were left with. This change not only nudged people towards eating healthy but also towards learning how to cook.

Eating healthy food is one of the best things you can do for your body, and for your future self. If you haven’t adopted the habit of eating home-cooked food, now is the time to do so. If you are one of those who have picked up on this habit, keep at it. It will go a long way to ensure your mind and body remain fit, not to mention the amount of money and time you would save through it.

Reduce screen time

Our regular days are filled with nonstop interactions with technology. We are constantly on our phones, consuming content on social media, or browsing different websites. It is almost impossible to put the phone down.

This lockdown introduced the perfect opportunity to reduce screen time and indulge in alternative sources of entertainment. With plenty of time at hand, many people spent time playing board games like chess and scrabble; cooked their favourite meal instead of binge-watching; or simply listened to their thoughts. Once the lockdown is over, it’s on us to ensure unplugging from the internet world becomes a habit. By reducing screen time, you can use the extra hours in hand for various constructive activities—or to cultivate more positive habits.

Learn something new

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, or perhaps, learn French? But could never do so because your everyday responsibilities didn’t leave much time to pursue your ambitions?

Now with the global lockdown in effect, you have plenty of time to engage with your interests. The internet is filled with options—online courses, digital learning platforms, vlogs—that can help you learn something new. It could be a new skill, a language, or the start of a fitness regime, with proper planning and dedication, you can learn anything you want.


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