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Here’s how a positive attitude can help you achieve success in life

People with a positive and optimistic attitude don’t get discouraged easily as they focus on making the changes that can improve their lives.

Life is full of ups and downs. It will throw challenges every now and then, especially during moments when you least expect it. How you react in these situations will determine how far you can go in your journey. Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of the book, The Secret Garden says, “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” Thus, it’s crucial to develop a positive, optimistic attitude to find solutions to every issue. Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye to life’s problems. Instead, it means you should look at life’s trials and tribulations with a positive attitude and make the best out of every challenging situation.

Moreover, according to a study titled Optimism and Its Impact on Mental and Physical Well-Being published in the journal Clinical Practice & Epidemiology in Mental Health, “Optimists are more resilient to stress and are inclined to use more appropriate coping strategies.” They don’t get discouraged easily as they focus on making the changes that can improve their lives. If you wish to bring a positive change in your life, here are a few ways to develop an attitude that can help you achieve success.

Show gratitude

Showing gratitude is about being thankful for what you have, whether it is the roof over your head, your job, or your family. Simply taking a few moments to be grateful for the things you have can improve your satisfaction in life. According to Harvard Health Publishing, cultivating gratitude can help you “feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve your health, and build strong relationships.”

Monitor your thoughts

Maintaining a positive attitude is important if you want to achieve success in life or simply want to feel happier. A good way to do that is to pay attention to your thoughts. According to Psychology Today, “The reason you need to pay more attention to your thoughts is that on a deep level of quantum reality ‘high-frequency-thoughts’ slow down into ‘low-frequency-things’. Simply put—thoughts become things.”

Pay attention to your thoughts when negative emotions emerge. Try to interrupt that thought process by using a distraction. Take a break, go out for a walk or look outside your window. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. A study titled Effects of Positive Practices on Organizational Effectiveness published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science found that people who think positively are more productive than their peers. They approach new tasks with optimism, which increases their self-confidence and chances of success in life.

Exercise to boost your mood

Staying physically active is a great way to develop a positive attitude in life. Simple exercises such as jogging in the morning, doing push-ups, and bicycle crunches can put you in a good mood. You will feel energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, and feel positive about yourself. Moreover, according to Scientific American, “Exercise affects the brain in many ways. It increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It aids the release of hormones which provide an excellent environment for the growth of brain cells.” Do you still need another reason to exercise? Start now, build an exercise plan, and commit to it to create a healthy and positive version of yourself.

Believe in yourself  

Believing in yourself is about trusting your skills, abilities and values. People who don’t believe in themselves downplay their strengths and usually settle for less than what they deserve. It affects their self-confidence and can even make them feel inconsequential. If you or someone you know struggles from the lack of self-belief, take steps to build this quality. Distance yourself from negative people, silence your inner critic, and develop an awareness of what you want to do in life.

Jack Canfield, motivational speaker and author of the books, I can believe in myself and The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, says, “Learning how to believe in yourself will open up endless possibilities in your life. Everything you have in your life is a result of your belief in yourself and the belief that it’s possible.”

Learn to accept rejections

Rejection makes us feel insecure. Whether it’s our personal or professional life, there is always a fear of rejection from our colleagues, loved ones, and friends that keeps us in our comfort zone—a place devoid of risks and challenges. But staying in the comfort zone doesn’t do us any good, rather it stops us from realising our potential. Therefore, it is important to understand that rejection is an inevitable part of life. Even Apple founder Steve Jobs was fired from his own company.

So, the next time you don’t get the job you applied for or got turned down for a date, remember that rejection happens to everyone. Learn from the experience and move on, as you will have many other opportunities in life where you can succeed.

Surround yourself with positive people

The people you surround yourself with greatly influence your behaviour and how you feel. If they ooze positivity, your chances of becoming positive also increase. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego, found in a study that the happiness of an individual can trigger a “chain reaction” that benefit others. “When an individual becomes happy, a friend living within a mile experiences a 25 percent increased chance of becoming happy. A spouse experiences an 8 percent increased chance and for next-door neighbours, it’s 34 percent,” the study adds.

Live in the present

Being in the present means being aware of the moment that you are in instead of worrying about the past or the future. By focussing on the present moment, you will feel happier, content and wholesome. Like Roy T. Bennett, author of the book The Light in the Heart, says, “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” You can write journals, practice mindfulness meditation or yoga to cultivate this mindset.

Have a sense of purpose

In trying times, having a sense of purpose can provide you with the motivation to keep going in life. When you have a purpose, you utilise all your time and energy in doing things that matter the most, even when the going gets tough. With a sense of purpose, you are more likely to find joy and meaning in your life. Moreover, it can also do wonders for your attitude. A study titled Purpose in life in emerging adulthood: Development and Validation of a New Brief Measure published in The Journal of Positive Psychology suggests that a sense of purpose can help emerging adults maintain a positive self-image and gracefully transition into adulthood.


How does showing gratitude contribute to achieving success in life?

Showing gratitude cultivates a positive outlook and enhances your overall mindset. This positive attitude can lead to increased resilience and a more productive approach to pursuing your goals.

What role does surrounding yourself with positive people play in attaining success?

Positive people can offer encouragement, motivation, and constructive feedback. Their optimism can influence your attitude and inspire you to do well.

How can learning to accept rejections contribute to a positive attitude and eventual success?

Accepting rejections as part of life’s journey helps you develop resilience. A positive attitude allows you to see rejections as opportunities for growth rather than failures.


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